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Is Todd Sharp Gay? [Revealed 2024]

Is Todd Sharp Gay? [Revealed 2024]

Is Todd Sharp Gay?: If you were ever into old songs, and had a thing or two for guitarists, then you might have also heard about Todd Sharp, the main guitarist behind multiple beautiful tracks, such as — Mind If I Smoke?, Right Down to the Minute, and many more.

However, we are here to talk about how the same old guitarist is currently in talks about his sexual orientation being homosexual. Indeed, being gay is not the issue, but, when there is no official statement from the artist, but only rumors circulating – then that doesn’t sound quite right. 

So, is Todd Sharp gay? If not, then what is his sexuality? If you are here to know the correct answers to these questions, then continue reading because this article includes the exact data you are looking for. 

Who is Todd Sharp?

Todd Sharp is an American guitarist, songwriter, and singer. He is the son of popular jazz guitarist Fred Sharp and also the founder of the Todd Sharp Amplifiers.

His talent as a guitarist gained popularity after he started touring in 1975 as the band’s lead guitarist – when he was only 19 years old.

Additionally, he was born on 14 February 1969 in Cleveland, Ohio, the US, and is currently 56 years old. There is not much about his relationship and marriage history, and the lad seems to be unmarried till now. 

Is Todd Sharp Gay

Is Todd Sharp Gay?

No, although we have multiple sources claiming to have evidence that Todd Sharp is homosexual, just know that there is no proper information about his sexuality being homosexual, and he himself has never talked about his sexual orientation being gay.

Moreover, he seems to keep major parts of his personal life private and he has the full right to it. However, if you’re still interested to know more about him personally then you can follow him on different social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Todd Sharp alive?

Yes, Todd Sharp, a famous American guitarist and singer is still alive and as of September 2024, he is 56 years old. 

How old is Todd Sharp?

Todd Sharp, an American guitarist, songwriter, and singer, was born on 14th February 1969 and is currently 56 years old.