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Is Nurse Blake Married? Here’s Truth [2024]

Is Nurse Blake Married? Here’s Truth [2024]

Nurse Blake, the charismatic comedian and advocate for nurses, has captured the hearts of many with his humorous take on the nursing profession.

While his professional journey is well-documented, there has been a level of curiosity about his personal life, particularly regarding his marital status. In this article, we delve into the question: Is Nurse Blake married?

Seeking to uncover details about his life beyond the stage, this article aims to provide insights into the personal side of the beloved figure who brings laughter and inspiration to nurses around the world.

Is Nurse Blake Married?

Yes, Nurse Blake is married! His husband's name is Brett Donnelly, and they've been together for over 10 years. They often appear on Nurse Blake's social media and even co-host his podcast, “The Nurse Blake Podcast,” where they share stories and insights into their lives.

Nurse Blake with husband Brett Donnelly

Who is Nurse Blake?

Nurse Blake is a touring comedian, artist, advocate, and much more. Ever since he was young, he dreamt of becoming a nurse and started working in healthcare at just 17 as a patient transporter.

After graduating with his BSN from UCF in 2014, he didn't stop caring for patients; he wanted to connect with fellow nurses and share the lighter side of their challenging jobs. So, in 2017, he began posting funny videos on Facebook, showing the relatable quirks and situations nurses face daily.

One of his videos, the “Scrub Romper,” went viral, making him an internet sensation. Nurse Blake is all about bringing humor and camaraderie to the nursing profession.

What is Nurse Blake Doing Now?

Nurse Blake is actively touring as a comedian, bringing his unique blend of humor and inspiration to stages worldwide. His comedy shows bring nurses together through humor and motivation.

In his 2021-2022 PTO Comedy Tour, he sold over 120,000 tickets, and now he's gearing up for more shows this year with a whole new performance. Nurse Blake is excited to hit the stage in over 100 cities, spreading laughter and positivity among fellow nurses.


What is Nurse Blake known for?

Nurse Blake is a nurse-turned comedian who rose to fame with his hilarious videos about the life of nurses. He's now a touring comedian, podcast host, and advocate for the nursing community.

What is Nurse Blake doing currently?

Nurse Blake is actively touring as a comedian, with a successful 2021-2022 PTO Comedy Tour, and is gearing up for more shows in over 100 cities.

Is Nurse Blake married?

Yes, Nurse Blake has been happily married to his husband, Brett Donnelly, for over many years. Brett is often seen supporting him at events and even co-hosts his podcast, showcasing their strong bond.