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Is Nigel NG Gay/ Is Uncle Roger Gay? [2024]

Is Nigel NG Gay/ Is Uncle Roger Gay? [2024]

Is Nigel NG Gay/ Is Uncle Roger Gay?: Nigel Ng Kin-ju, popularly known as Uncle Roger, is a standup comedian from Malaysia. He’s well-known for his online persona of Uncle Roger – playing the role of a stereotypical middle-aged Asian guy who reviews Asian food recipes.

Moreover, Nigel NG is from Malaysia and was born on 16 March 1991, currently 32 years old. Keeping that aside, did you know that the same guy is accused of being homosexual?

Yes, there are many people on the Internet who assume Uncle Rogers’s sexual orientation is homosexual. So, is that the truth? Is Nigel NG/Uncle Roger gay? To know the truth, continue reading the article. 

Is Nigel NG Gay?

No, Nigel NG is not gay. Indeed, he has made videos on topics related to homosexuality, with titles such as — ‘Coming out to your Asian mom’, but that's not enough to assume his sexual orientation.

Is Nigel NG Gay/ Is Uncle Roger Gay

Evidence That Nigel NG is Gay

There is no evidence stating that Nigel NG is gay. He has involved himself in many homosexual-related videos, along with incidents related to homosexuality.

But, he has never once come and officially declared his sexual orientation as homosexuality. On top of that, he is married to a woman, and they both seem to be doing good.

Rumors About Nigel NG/Uncle Roger’s Sexual Orientation 

Rumors about Nigel NG/Uncle Roger's sexual orientation being homosexual started after a few incidents, where the main one was his videos about coming out to an Asian mom.

Of course, the topic of the video, and the full context, was related to homosexuality, but the artist has never once called himself gay, even while joking, so it doesn’t make any sense to call him one.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Nigel NG and Uncle Roger the same person?

Yes, Nigel NG and Uncle Roger are the same person. Nigel NG is an Internet personality and a standup comedian, who’s well-known for playing the persona of Uncle Roger in videos. 

Are Nigel NG and Uncle Roger twins?

No, Nigel NG and Uncle Roger are not twins because they both are the same person. Nigel NG is a Malaysian standup comedian and an Internet personality, who is famous for his role of Uncle Roger in videos.

How old is Uncle Roger?

Uncle Roger, with his real name Nigel NG, was born on 15 March 1991, so as of September 2024, he is 32 years old.