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Is Nibble App Worth It or Waste of Time? [2024]

Is Nibble App Worth It or Waste of Time? [2024]

Whether we are talking about smart kids with immense focus or slow children who need more attention – there are plenty of kids who often face issues focusing, and tend to forget things easily.

For the same reason, we have enough tools in the market, such as the Nibble app, which, as expected, is here to help you enhance your focus and memory, and develop intuition and similar skills through an enjoyable and interactive manner.

However, is that truly how it works? To be more precise – is Nibble app worth it? We have many wondering the same and if you are here with the exact query, then continue reading because this article will give you the accurate answer you are searching for. 


Nibble seems like a short and interactive learning platform, an all-rounder knowledge app where you can take lessons and quizzes in just 15 minutes, train your mind, and most of all – have fun learning.

Yes, within that time, you can not only reach your goals, but also expand your understanding of a variety of topics as per your likes, and it also offers an option of blending different learning styles to help you gain more knowledge in less time.

Is Nibble App Worth It

Key Highlights 

Short Sessions 

The Nibble app allows you to refresh your mind with different short sessions, where you can start from 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes each day according to your busy schedule.

Acquire In-demand Skills

The Nibble helps you acquire the recently updated in-demand skills to keep your brain sharp, boost memory, and gain better focus for precise imagination and understanding.

Enough Coverage 

The app offers enough coverage of different topics, with some of the main subjects being art, math, logic, history, statistics, and personal finance — where you are free to choose the specific topic you want to learn today. 


  • The platform is super convenient to use and you can expand your knowledge anytime and anywhere.
  • It helps you experience a new world of versatile knowledge.
  • It helps increase problem-solving and critical thinking skills in real life.
  • The platform promotes flexible learning that you can learn through different devices like tablets, smartphones, and computers.
  • It offers personalized expert feedback along with analytics to help you track your progress.
  • You get to use almost all its services through its free trial before spending on a subscription.


  • There is no option for deleting your account or data – which might be an issue for many.
  • All its services are online and you can’t download any lessons for offline use.

Pricing: Is Nibble Free?

No, the Nibble app is not free, and after you have filled out the survey at the start, you will have the option of a free trial, or you can directly opt for a subscription.

As for the subscription rates, the following are the available plan options:

  • Monthly subscription plan – $10 per month
  • Yearly subscription plan – $99 per month (save $21)

Moreover, you must be aware that after you start the free trial, you have automatically been charged the subscription price, and the auto-renewal will not be disabled unless you cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the trial ends. 

Final Words: Is Nibble App Worth It?

To be honest with you – we have plenty of mixed opinions in our Nibble app review, and although it has been rated 4.1/5 on the App Store with several positive reviews, we still have some pointing out the disadvantages.

For example, the app perfectly focuses on not consuming more of your time and helping you learn something new within a short period — but since it is a paid app and $10 per month is not a small amount, many don’t find its services worth the price.

Second, we have its user interface, which seems user-friendly and easy to navigate, but the platform doesn’t warn you of subscription and first makes you take a 30-question survey – which is surely quite annoying, even for us. 

Similarly, we have many advantages and disadvantages to point out – however, if you ask us, we suggest you take the free trial and see for yourself if all its services are worth it or not, otherwise, there are plenty of good apps like Nibble out there. 

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and hope you now know the answer to your question – is Nibble app worth it?

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does Nibble app cost?

The Nibble app will charge you $10 per month or $99 per year. 

Do I need to pay for Nibble app?

Yes, you need to pay for the Nibble app because it is a paid app, and you can either go for its monthly subscription charged at $10 or yearly plan at $99.