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Is Moon Girl Gay? [Revealed 2024]

Is Moon Girl Gay? [Revealed 2024]

Is Moon Girl Gay?: Today, we are going to talk about a comical character instead of a real-life celebrity – Moon Girl. If you are here, then you might already know she is a popular Marvel character, who has also appeared in a TV show alongside the comic. 

Along with the multiple theories about the comic and TV show, we also have some readers and people assuming that Moon Girl might be gay, considering some hints and clues provided in a few panels and scenes in the comic and the TV show.

So, is Moon Girl gay? If not, then, is she straight? If you are also curious to know the answers to these questions, then continue reading because you’ll find the exact answer below.

Who is Moon Girl?

Moon Girl is a popular comical character – a female superhero in American comic books, by Marvel Comics. These comics are written by Brandon Montclair and Amy Reeder, with Natacha Bustos as the artist. 

Moon Girl first appeared in the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur comic in chapter 1, a character played by Diamond White. She has also appeared in the same TV show, and, obviously, from the Marvel Universe, possessed abilities such as genius-level intellect and consciousness transfer

Is Moon Girl Gay?

No, although we have quite a few clues, we can’t say that Moon Girl is — she can’t be a lesbian because nowhere in the comic or TV show, she has declared herself one or clearly given the proof for the same. 

She might be attracted to girls, because in one panel she was shown blushing while looking at another girl, and in another panel, she’s holding hands with a girl. On the contrary, originally she is shown to have a crush on a boy called Andy. 

So, considering both the clues, we can’t say that Moon Girl is a lesbian. Yet, it is safe to say that she is still figuring out her sexual orientation — and might end up bisexual since she is clearly attracted to both genders. 

Is Moon Girl Gay

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Moon Girl Marvel?

Yes, Moon Girl from the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur comic and TV series, is a Marvel character since she belongs to the Marvel Universe. 

Is Moon Girl the smartest Marvel character?

Yes, Moon Girl, originally called Lunella, is described and seen as the smartest Marvel character from the Marvel Universe.