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Is Mobytrip Legit? What You’re Not Being Told (Read This!)

Is Mobytrip Legit? What You’re Not Being Told (Read This!)

We know the majority of us only go for trusted and popular trip advisors and booking websites, but what if you were suddenly rerouted to a third-party website for confirmation, and in the end, you didn’t receive what you paid for?

Yes, it does sound like a scam and awful, and we have similar doubts about the new booking platform named Mobytrip. As it says, it is a booking platform, but we have seen below-average reviews and scores about it on the Internet.

So, what do you think is the truth? Is Mobytrip legit? Is Mobytrip safe to use? If you don’t know the answers to these questions but are interested to know, then all you have to do is continue reading the article below. 

Is Mobytrip Legit?

Unfortunately, because the majority of the reviews and opinions on the Internet are against it, we certainly don’t think that Mobytrip is a legitimate website. 

Now, we can’t say for sure about the legitimacy, but do you think a website that has a suspicious user interface, is not mentioned by trusted sources, and has a poor score on reliable platforms like Trustpilot, can be worth it? 

In addition to that, the platform is full of bugs, some people had to wait hours to get a room that they didn’t pay for and had been scammed with overpriced rooms, and support doesn’t seem to be working for many either. 


What is Mobytrip?

Mobytrip is a booking platform where it claims to get the best hotel deals at lower and discounted prices. 

While it offers variety in multiple locations, you also have the option for motels, with new deals dropping every day.

How Does Mobytrip Work?

The working of this booking platform is nothing different from the usual booking websites, and you can start by visiting its website, having a look around, doing your research, reviewing everything, and finally, paying and getting the confirmation. 

Is it Safe to Use Mobytrip?

Not going to lie – with all the negative reviews and paragraphs we have come across, only a fool would believe that Mobytrip is safe to use. 

Yes, it is indeed a verified company, but that one thing can’t justify the fact that it doesn’t offer proper services, has worse customer service that just doesn’t respond, they are not ready to help you when you suddenly bump into issues on your, and more of these.

Final Words 

We know having a look around on its official website might make you think that it might actually be an honest platform.

But trust us —have a look at all the reviews by customers and you will know what exactly is behind those shades.

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and hope you have received the definite answer to your question – is Mobytrip legit?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Mobytrip safe?

No, Mobytrip has received a poor score on the majority of the scoring trusted sources and also has the majority of reviews being negative, so there’s no way it is safe to use. 

Is legit?

Although is verified as a company, we will still not suggest you try it because the majority of the users who have tried the booking site have faced nothing but despair and issues.