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Is Matty Healy Gay? [Revealed 2024]

Is Matty Healy Gay? [Revealed 2024]

Is Matty Healy Gay?: When we say we have plenty of LGBTQ members from the music industry, we also include all the genres and categories, including indie pop culture, and this time, we have Matty Healy from the same group.

Matty Healy is known for his multiple roles in the industry, but mainly for his singing – as in vocals. But, keeping that apart, we are currently here to talk about how the professional singer and musical artist is involved in rumors about his sexual orientation.

Yes, we have seen plenty of people openly assuming and calling him gay, but, what is the reality? Is Matty Healy gay? To know the accurate answer to this question, we suggest you continue reading this article. 

Is Matty Healy Gay?

No, even though the artist has openly discussed his flexible sexuality, and called himself ‘not straight’, he has also not called himself homosexual or gay, so it is wrong to assume that he is gay. 

Moreover, he has publicly stated that he is attracted to both genders, which might make him bisexual, instead of gay or straight.

Is Matty Healy Gay

Who is Matty Healy?

Matthew Timothy Matty Healy, popularly known as Matty Healy, is an English singer, songwriter, and record producer from the UK. He’s also the lead vocalist and principal songwriter of an art pop band called The 1975. 

Moreover, he was born on 8 April 1989, in Herndon, the UK, and it’s currently 34 years old. He is well known for his lyrics, provocative onstage persona, and musical eclecticism characterized as performance art — a great influence over the indie pop music category.

Matty Healy’s Views on the LGBTQ Community 

According to official sources, Matty Healy has been vocalizing against LGBTQ discrimination and violence. He has always been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ rights, and has also supported the LGBTQ community on multiple occasions and platforms.

In addition to all that, in one of his concerts in Dubai, he kissed a male fan to rebel against Dubai’s anti-gay law and was banned from Dubai. This certainly means that Matty Healy's views on the LGBTQ community are positive and in favor of the community. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Matty Healy British?

Yes, he was born in Hendon, the UK, so he is a Britisher. 

Is Matty Healy dating Taylor Swift?

No, Matty Healy is not dating Taylor Swift, and he himself has denied the rumors saying all of them are fake.