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Is Joel Jacko Still Married? Wife [2024]

Is Joel Jacko Still Married? Wife [2024]

Joel Jacko is a resident of Pedro Bay, Alaska, and is known for his portrayal on the TV show “Life Below Zero: First Alaskans.”

If you're curious about Joel Jacko's marital status and the dynamics of his family life, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the question, “Is Joel Jacko Married?” delving into the details of his marriage, introducing his wife Jacqueline, and his daughter. 

Additionally, we'll explore the fascinating story of how Joel and Jacqueline met and the intertwining of their lives in the Alaskan wilderness.

Is Joel Jacko Still Married?

Yes, Joel Jacko is still married to Jacqueline, and they live in Pedro Bay, Alaska. They are featured on a show called Life Below Zero: First Alaskans, which shows their life in a remote area. They have an adopted daughter named Anzlie.

Despite the tough conditions, Joel and Jacqueline are committed to each other and their traditions. Their story on the show highlights their strong family bond and how they navigate life in a challenging environment.

How Joel Jacko and Jacqueline Met?

Joel Jacko's wife is Jacqueline. They met when Jacqueline visited Alaska on vacation from her home in Washington state. Joel, born in Chignik, Alaska, embraced his tribal traditions, while Jacqueline, from Washington state, had a more modern lifestyle.

Jacqueline fell in love with Joel and Alaska, deciding to stay with him. She learned to live off the land and adopted the Alaskan way of life. Now in her early 40s, Jacqueline helps Joel with outdoor activities and manages domestic chores.

She homeschools their daughter, Anzlie, teaching her native language and cultural practices. The Jacko family aims to live sustainably, relying on natural resources. Jacqueline's caring nature and perseverance contribute to keeping the family bonded in their remote wilderness lifestyle.

Joel Jacko

Little Anzlie Jacko 

Joel and Jacqueline adopted a lovely girl named Anzlie when she was a baby. Anzlie is from the Yup’ik tribe in Alaska. Though not their biological child, Joel and Jacqueline fostered her first and then officially adopted her.

Anzlie, now five years old, brings joy to the Jacko home. She enthusiastically joins her parents on hunting and fishing trips, and her dad teaches her important skills like paddling a boat and carving wood.

At home, Anzlie loves hearing her mom's stories, watching her cook, and learning about their family heritage. Joel and Jacqueline make sure Anzlie stays connected to her Yup’ik culture and traditions. They involve her in their sustainable living practices to pass on their way of life.


Is Joel Jacko married?

Yes, Joel Jacko is married. He shares his life with his wife, Jacqueline, in Pedro Bay.

Who is Joel Jack's wife?

Joel Jack's wife is Jacqueline. They have a unique love story that brought them together in Alaska.

Do Joel and Jacqueline have any biological children together?

No, Joel and Jacqueline do not have any biological children together. However, they have an adopted daughter named Anjali.