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Is Janelle Monae a Lesbian? [2024]

Is Janelle Monae a Lesbian? [2024]

Is Janelle Monae a Lesbian?: Janelle Monáe Robinson, professionally known as Janelle Monáe, is a singer, songwriter, actress, and rapper who has also received 8 Grammy Award nominations and has won a Screen Actors Guild Award along with a Children's and Family Emmy Award.

Furthermore, she was born on 1 December 1985 and is currently 27 years old, doing well in genres like pop, funk, hip-hop, and more. Yet, the same artist is involved in multiple controversies related to her sexual orientation being homosexual.

There are so many articles on the Internet and resources that are randomly passing evidence stating that Janelle Monáe is a lesbian. So, Is Janelle Monáe a lesbian? To know the truth, continue reading this article.

Is Janelle Monae a Lesbian?

No, according to official sources, Janelle Monáe has never come out as a lesbian. 

However, she has openly talked about her identity being queer, and in one of the interviews in 2018, she said that she doesn’t exactly see herself as a woman only and that — she’s everything.

In addition to that, she has also used gender-neutral pronouns for herself. Moreover, in 2020, she released a song which is widely seen as a celebration of female sexuality and queerness.

Is Janelle Monae a Lesbian

Janelle Monae’s Views on the LGBTQ Community 

Janelle Monáe has always supported the LGBTQ community, and she has called herself pansexual, which also involves loving the same gender. 

In an interview, she talked about how she wants to create a place for people to feel comfortable about their likes, keeping aside their sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Overall, she has been and is still an inspiration for many people who are still struggling with that gender identity, and the artist continues to use her art to support LGBTQ rights and the community in general.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Janelle Monáe a twin?

No, according to official sources, Janelle Monáe is not a twin and an only daughter. 

Does Janelle Monáe have a child?

No, Janelle Monáe doesn’t have a child because, as of September 2024, she isn’t married.

Was Janelle Monáe on American idol?

Yes, Janelle Monáe was on American Idol because one of her songs was featured in the American Idol Season finale in 2009.