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Is Jake Andrich Gay? [Revealed 2024]

Is Jake Andrich Gay? [Revealed 2024]

Is Jake Andrich Gay?: We have plenty of influencers supporting the LGBTQ community, while we also have enough gay and lesbian influencers to follow. Despite all this, we have so many people assuming random influencer's sexuality based on theories and rumors – with no prominent proof in sight.

One of these influencers is Jake Andrich, known as a popular sensation who has gained quite a fan base, with most of them behind his tattoos and muscular body.

There are multiple rumors circulating across the Internet about this Internet personality, where you can find quite a lot of articles and people also showing evidence. So, is Jake Andrich gay? What is his sexual orientation? — to know the answers, continue reading.

Who is Jake Andrich?

Jake Andrich is a popular model and an Internet sensation, majorly known for his tattoos and body. He is present on multiple popular platforms, including Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram – offering his fans a good variety of thirst traps. 

Moreover, the model is from Canada and has an alternate name, – Jakipz Andrich. Has made an appearance in a Canadian film and television show, while also gaining the title of fitness model, born on 7 November 1996 in Alberta, Canada. 

Is Jake Andrich Gay?

No, Jake Andrich is not gay, because the model has never once publicly declared his sexual orientation as homosexual, nor is there any proof to prove the same.

However, when he was asked about his sexuality on YouTube Live, he said that he is neither straight nor gay. This answer was not exactly serious, and people also assumed he was bisexual.

Yet, only Jake knows his sexual orientation and according to some official sources, we think that he supports fluidity and is open to loving anyone, regardless of gender. 

Is Jake Andrich Gay

Jake Andrich’s Views on the LGBTQ Community 

Jake has never openly or directly involved himself in topics related to the LGBTQ community, so we are not sure what his views regarding the LGBTQ society are.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Jake Andrich TikTok?

Jake Andrich's official TikTok account is his name, @jakeandrich.