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Is Fora Travel Legit? A Complete Fora Travel Review [2024]

Is Fora Travel Legit? A Complete Fora Travel Review [2024]

Fora Travel is like having a travel agency right on your laptop. It provides you with all the tools, training, and support you need to plan fantastic vacations, book incredible trips, and earn money at your own pace.

However, embarking on a journey with a travel agency requires trust and assurance of its legitimacy. This Fora Travel Review aims to unravel the question, “Is Fora Travel Legit?”

In this article, we will explore how it works, its cost, user experiences, and any potential concerns related to its legitimacy.

Is Fora Travel Legit?: Reviewed

What is Fora Travel?

Fora Travel is a modern and tech-forward travel agency that embraces inclusivity. It offers booking services for flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.

Its mission is to empower individuals passionate about travel by offering opportunities to earn flexible income. The agency provides comprehensive support, including expert training, marketing tools, and an integrated booking platform.

It uses smart technology to make joining the travel industry easy and fun, changing up the traditional host agency model.

Is Fora Travel Legit

How Does Fora Travel Work?

Fora Travel operates through a straightforward process:


Start by submitting your email and completing a survey to share more about yourself, expressing your interest in becoming a part of Fora Travel.

Join Fora:

After your application is accepted, you can sign up for one of Fora Travel's membership plans. This step formalizes your association with Fora Travel.

Book Travel:

As a member, you gain access to the tools and resources needed to transition from a travel enthusiast to a professional advisor. This includes the ability to book travel for yourself and others, turning your passion for travel into a professional endeavor.

Key Highlights 

  • It has the knowledge and connections to help you plan your dream vacation.
  • Get advice on destinations, activities, and hotels that are perfect for you.
  • Book your entire trip in one place, with no hassle.
  • Get exclusive deals and VIP treatment at hotels around the world.
  • Whether you want to go near or far, Fora Travel can help you plan the perfect trip.
  • It caters to all types of travelers, from budget-conscious backpackers to luxury lovers.

How Much Does Fora Travel Cost?

A monthly subscription fee of $49 or an annual subscription fee of $299. You can also arrange restaurant bookings and activities for a fee that usually starts at $300 per week of travel.

Is Fora Travel Legit?

The legitimacy and functionality of Fora Travel appear to be subjects of mixed reviews from users. Some express concerns about limitations in the booking process, mandatory onboarding calls, and fees for third-party flight bookings.

On the other hand, others argue that they were encouraged to book immediately upon certification and have had positive experiences with training and support. The platform is described as not an MLM (multi-level marketing) and offers a supportive community.

Users also discuss challenges with vendor payments and varying opinions on using third-party websites for bookings. Individuals considering Fora Travel should carefully review user feedback and policies before making a decision.


Is Fora Travel an agency?

Yes, Fora is a travel agency. It's a Virtuoso travel agency that offers access to perks at over 2,000 hotels around the world.

Is Fora Travel a legitimate travel agency?

Fora Travel's legitimacy is a matter of mixed reviews, with some users citing concerns about booking limitations and fees. While positive experiences with training and support are noted, potential users should consider user feedback and policies before deciding.

Do I make money with Fora?

Yes, earnings with Fora Travel come from commissions on booked hotels, tours, or cruises. The more you sell, the more you earn through these commissions.