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Is Diana Ankudinova Trans? [Answered 2024]

Is Diana Ankudinova Trans? [Answered 2024]

Is Diana Ankudinova Trans?: Today, you will find many successful young singers and artists across the world, one of them being a Russian singer – Diana Ankudinova, with her real name, Diana Dmitrievna Ankudinova.

Diana was initially doing well, but she started to gain fame after winning 2 straight seasons of You Are Super! — a talent variety show. Also, she was born on 31st of May 2003, and is currently only 20 years old, mastering vocals, piano, and ukulele. 

But, keeping aside her success story, people are talking about her sexual identity, asking questions such as – is Diana Ankudinova trans? So, Is she trans? Is there any evidence stating the same? To know the answer, continue reading the article.

Is Diana Ankudinova Trans?

No, Diana Ankudinova is not trans. Initially, she was born as a female and also identifies as a female. There’s no public and official information about her sexuality being trans, and she herself has never once talked about her gender identity being trans.

Is Diana Ankudinova Trans

Evidence That Diana Ankudinova is Trans

There is no evidence stating that Diana Ankudinova is trans. There’s only false rumors and information across the Internet, along with fake evidence.

Also, rumors about her gender identity started from TikTok, where some users randomly speculated about her gender identity solely based on her singing voice and appearance, without any proper evidence to support assumptions. 

Diana Ankudinova’s Views on the Transgender Community 

Diana Ankudinova was never once given a chance to talk about the transgender community, nor did she ever mention the same directly.

Therefore, we don’t know anything about Diana Ankudinova’s views on the transgender community, as of September 2024. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is Diana Ankudinova?

Diana Dmitrievna Ankudinova, professionally known as Diana Ankudinova, is a Russian singer, who gained fame after winning twice in a Russian variety show. 

How old is Diana Ankudinova?

Diana Ankudinova is one of the youngest Russian singers currently, and she was born on 31st May 2003, so as of September 2024, she’s only 20 years old. 

What is Diana Ankudinova’s net worth?

Unfortunately, there’s not much information about Diana Ankudinova’s net worth. But, we still found out that, as of September 2024, her net worth is $1.79 million.