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Is Coco Gauff Trans? [Revealed 2024]

Is Coco Gauff Trans? [Revealed 2024]

Is Coco Gauff Trans? Today, we are going to talk about another American professional player – a female tennis player this time. The name is Coco Gauff, and she is someone who has been ranked 4th in singles and 1st in doubles by WTA.

The player is also known to have won a good bunch of WTA singles titles, including a Major in the 2024 US Open, along with eight double titles in similar competitions. Yet, even with such a high rank, many rumors and speculations including her and her sexual identity have been circulating across the Internet. 

Yes, people are calling her transgender based on some random theories, and are interested to know what her sexual identity is. Talking about you, if you are so interested to know the same, then continue reading because this article includes the exact answer you’re looking for. 

Is Coco Gauff Trans?

No, Coco Gauff is not transgender. The main reason to support the aforementioned claim is that she has been identified as a cisgender woman, and a female since birth.

Additionally, she has never publicly spoken or declared about her sexual identity being transgender nor is there any proof to support rumors and speculations circulating on the Internet. 

Who is Coco Gauff?

Coco Gauff, with her full name Cori Dionne Coco Gauff, is an American professional tennis player. As already mentioned above, she’s known to have 6 WTA tour singles titles and 8 doubles titles – 5 partnering with Jessica Pegula and 3 with Caty McNally.

In addition to that, she was born on 13 March 2004, so as of October 2024, she is 19 years old. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the US, and turned professional tennis player in 2018, originally started playing when she was only 7 years old. 

Is Coco Gauff Trans

Coco Gauff’s Views on the Transgender Community 

As far as we know, Coco Gauff has not directly spoken about transgender, or any similar community, openly. 

However, she seems like a strong advocate for equality and inclusion and is also a reminder that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and equality.

The above-mentioned sentiment states that, even though Coco Gauff has not directly supported the transgender community, her views regarding the community are positive and in favor. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Coco Gauff an only child?

No, Coco Gauff, the popular American professional tennis player, is not an only child. She has two siblings – Cameron and Codey Gauff.

Is Coco Gauff married?

No, Coco Gauff, an American professional tennis player, is not married as of October 2024.