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Is Busta Rhymes Gay? [Answered 2024]

Is Busta Rhymes Gay? [Answered 2024]

Is Busta Rhymes Gay?: With the rise in the LGBTQ community and so many celebrities coming out one after the other, it’s quite easy for people to assume someone’s sexual orientation through rumors, memes, ships by literal strangers, and any kind of involvement in any LGBTQ+ related controversies. 

Similarly, today, we are going to talk about a popular American rapper named Busta Rhymes — a 51-year-old male, Trevor George Smith Jr. as his real name, being one of the fastest rappers in the world.

With Busta Rhymes’ name actively jumping into LGBTQ+ controversies a few times, people were prone to ask questions and have doubts like — Is Busta Rhymes Gay? And to help them with the same question, we did thorough research and have mentioned the answer right below, in this article. 

Is Busta Rhymes Gay?

No, unfortunately, there’s no official public information or even confirmation from the American rapper about him being gay. He has been involved in certain controversies including the LGBTQ community, but he certainly has not come out – which means he’s not gay.

On top of all, although he’s unmarried, he has had 3 girlfriends in the past. 

Is Busta Rhymes Gay

Busta Rhymes Views on LGBTQ+

Busta Rhymes has been involved in topics related to LGBTQ+ multiple times, and as for his views on homosexuality, some articles state that he is kind of against the community – while others talk about how he supports popular artists in the same industry as they come out.

Final Words

As you might have read above, there’s no official data about Busta Rhymes being gay or anything about his sexual orientation, and he has had a couple of girlfriends in the past.

Moreover, it’s quite cruel to not respect an individual's privacy and openly assume about someone’s personal life – literally, their sexual orientation based on a few rumors and their involvement with LGBTQ-related topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Busta Rhymes married?

No, Busta Rhymes is not married, and he doesn’t have an ex-wife either. He is still unmarried and had 3 girlfriends in the past. 

Is Busta Rhymes still alive?

Yes, Busta Rhymes, an American rapper, songwriter, singer, actor, and  record producer – is still alive. 

Is Busta Rhymes faster than Eminem?

Honestly, there’s not a definite answer to this question. There are many statements saying that Busta Rhymes is faster than Eminem, while the others are praising Eminem for being the fastest rapper currently.