Is Adrienne Arsenault Gay? [Revealed 2023]

Is Adrienne Arsenault Gay

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Is Adrienne Arsenault Gay?: Adrienne Arsenault is a popular Canadian journalist. She is currently the Chief Correspondent of CBC News and a co-anchor of The National since 2017. Moreover, she was born on 24 April 1967 in Toronto, Canada.

Moreover, she has two nationalities – American and Canadian. Also, she joined the CBC in 1991, and since then to this point, has taken many roles. Yet, she seems to be involved in multiple rumors, some even asking and talking about her sexual orientation.

Is Adrienne Arsenault gay? Rephrasing it to the correct sentence – is Adrienne Arsenault lesbian? What is her sexual orientation and views about the LGBTQ community? If you also want to know the answers to these questions, then we are glad to inform you that they are right below, in this article.

Is Adrienne Arsenault Gay?

No, there is no proof clearly stating that Adrienne Arsenault is a lesbian, and she has also never publicly disclosed anything about her sexual orientation.

Is Adrienne Arsenault Gay

Evidence That Adrienne is Gay

As already mentioned above, there is no evidence stating that Adrienne Arsenault is a lesbian. 

On the contrary, the Internet has many things to show, but just know that all of those are either entirely fake or wrong information.

Adrienne Arnault’s Views on the LGBTQ Community 

Adrienne Arsenault’s views on the LGBTQ community have to be positive because she has always been supportive of the community. 

In one of the interviews, she also said that she is proud to be a supporting character for society and that she believes in the ‘equality for all’ concept. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Adrienne Arsenault married?

No, as of September 2023, Adrienne Arsenault has not married once and is still single – may be currently concentrating on her career.

Is Adrienne Arsenault still on The National?

As of September 2023, Adrienne Arsenault is still working at The National.

Is Adrienne Arsenault still on CBC?

Yes, Adrienne Arsenault is still the Chief Correspondent at CBC.

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