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How to Watch Shrinking Without Apple TV? [2024]

How to Watch Shrinking Without Apple TV? [2024]

How to Watch Shrinking Without Apple TV?: when life is performing several bad tricks – you’re prone to indulge in sadness and stress. At times like these, what’s better than watching something that can make you laugh – especially when the series is about a therapist — who has decided to break all the rules and go berserk? 

Yes, we are talking about Jimmy Laird from the Shrinking series. Shrinking talks about a grieving therapist, who decides to start breaking all the rules and telling all his clients what exactly he thinks about situations. 

Furthermore, he starts to ignore all his principles and training in the profession, which he has been following for years — surprisingly bringing a drastic change to all his clients’ lives, as well as his own. 

Indeed, Shrinking sounds like a worthy comedy-drama series, but, to everyone’s dismay – it’s an Apple TV+ original and is not available for streaming or download on any other legal streaming platforms.

Now, many people want to watch this epic comedy series, but buying an Apple TV+ subscription for only one series sounds a bit difficult. 

But, if you are one of them and want to know how to watch Shrinking without Apple TV, then worry not, because we have curated a list of legal ways to watch Shrinking without Apple TV+ in the article below.

How to Watch Shrinking Without Apple TV?

The Regular 7-Day Free Trial

As soon as you open the Apple TV app and opt for subscription — a box will pop up asking you to join the 7-day free trial available for every new user. 

Through this free trial, you get access to the entire library of Apple TV+, which includes originals like the Shrinking series, as well as multiple movies and dramas from third-party platforms. 

90-Day Free Trial After Buying an iOS Device

If you have bought any iOS device recently, let it be an iPhone, iPad, MacOS, etc, you will get a 90-day free trial for each.

The best part about this 90-day free trial is that – you can redeem it whenever you want within 3 months of buying the iOS device – and from that day onwards, you will get a full 90 days, aka 3 months to enjoy all the contents from the Apple TV+ library. 

1-Month Apple One Free Trial

Apple One is a service bundle by Apple — including its top digital services, including Apple TV+. 

As soon as you enter the Apple One platform, you can opt for the cheapest subscription plan charged $16.95 per month, but before that, you will get a pop-up box offering a 1-month free trial. 

After you add the required details, the free trial will start, and you are always free to cancel the subscription. 

Free Access Through Apple Music Students Plan

Apple has always been generous whenever it came to college students – offering a combination of perks, including the Apple Music student subscription where students will get a discount on the individual plan – with free access to the Apple TV+ library. 

Magenta Plans’ Benefits 

By getting your hands on T-Mobile’s mobile subscription plans – you get a free Apple TV+ subscription, with the type of subscription depending on the type of wireless plan you take.

If you have opted for magenta, Sprite ONE, or ‘equivalent voice rate plan’, then you can receive 6 months’ worth of free access to the Apple TV+ library.

As for the users of magenta max, or an equivalent voice plan, they will get the benefit bundle, including Apple TV+ access without an expiration date, unless you cancel your subscription with T-Mobile.

3-Months Subscription From Currys 

Currys has recently gained attention for giving free Apple subscriptions, and in the last few days, they have also included 3 months of free access to the Apple TV+ library. 

To avail of this opportunity, all you have to do is buy any kind of technology or gadget from Currys, doesn’t matter if it’s manufactured by Apple and anything like game consoles, laptops, TVs tablets, etc, and you will get the 3-month subscription for Apple TV+.

Final Words

Indeed, the Internet is filled with many illegal ways to watch the  Shrinking drama, and you might have also come across some pirated streaming websites that are offering originals, including the Shrinking series.

On the contrary, the above-mentioned list contains all the legal ways to get an Apple TV+ subscription with enough free access days to watch the entire Shrinking series. So, why bother going for an illegal way when you have so many legal paths to follow?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I watch Shrinking on Amazon Prime?

No, unfortunately, the Shrinking series is not available on any streaming service platform, including Amazon Prime Since it’s an original of Apple TV+. 

Can I watch Shrinking on Netflix?

No, sadly, Shrinking is an Apple TV+ original, which means – it is not available on any third-party streaming platform, including Netflix.