How to Watch Servant Without Apple TV: Possible?

How to Watch Servant Without Apple TV

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Want to know how to watch Servant without Apple TV? In this post, we’ve mentioned some ways to watch Servant without Apple TV. 

NOTE: This article provides a solution to watch Servant without an “Apple TV device” (Not an Apple TV+ subscription). Therefore, if you want to watch Servant for free, you can use Apple TV+ 7-day free trial.

Keep on reading the post below that says you don’t really need an Apple TV to watch Servant.

How to Watch Servant Without Apple TV?

The Servant is an American psychological horror streaming television series that follows Dorothy and Sean Turner, a Philadelphia couple who hire a girl to be the nanny for their infant son.

The series has received a lot of positive reviews from critics, which is why many people without Apple TV are looking for a way to watch Servant without Apple TV.

Use Apple TV App in Any Device

You can use the Apple TV+ through the Apple TV App that is already available on iPad, Apple TV, Mac, or any other Apple device, as well as streaming devices and gaming consoles.

  • Use the Apple TV app on any smart TV or streaming device.
  • Apple TV+ subscribers may stream Apple’s original content.
  • Just like Amazon channel and Roku channel, you can subscribe to different premium channels through Apple TV.
  • Choose the ‘Library Tab’ to view your prior content or go to the ‘Search’ button to search for movies, TV shows, or Apple TV originals you would like to watch.
  • You can also scroll from starting to end for the titles and choose the movie or show you want to view.
how to watch servant without apple tv

After you pick the movie of your interest, you can rent or buy it in the same way that you’ve always done for the iTunes store.

You even get the ability to preview the first episode to decide whether it is worth subscribing to a certain channel or not.

Enjoy this new psychological horror television series, that has an amazing cast, talented people behind the scenes.

All you need is a compatible device to use the Apple TV app and a subscription to Apple TV+.

Servant 3 season has aired the first episode on 21st January and the following episode will be released on 28th January. 

Below are the plans and pricing of Apple TV+.

7-Day Free Trial

Every new user can sign up for a 7-day free trial of Apple TV+, which is pretty long enough to decide whether it is worth or not.

Not only a 7-day free trial, but you can also get a one-year free subscription to Apple TV+ by buying a new Apple device such as a tablet, phone, or laptop. Keep on reading to know more about Apple TV’s plans & pricing.

Apple TV Plans & Pricing

Apple TV+ price really depends on the type of offer you choose. Check out the information below to know about its pricing:

Apple TV+ Free – When you buy a new Apple device, you’ll get a one-year free subscription to the Apple TV+, which you’ve to redeem the offer within 90 days.

Follow the steps below on how you can redeem your free year of Apple TV+

  1. Turn on your new Apple device and sign in using your Apple ID.
  2. Open the Apple TV app and ensure your device is using the latest version of the software.
  3. Once you launch the app, the offer should be presented. If you don’t see anything, then you can go to the Apple TV+ tab where you can see the offer.

Apple TV+ Monthly – Its monthly subscription costs $4.99 per month after a 7-day free trial.

Apple One – It is the ultimate collection of Apple services for one low monthly price. It also offers a one-month free trial. Below is the list of services through Apple One:

It costs $14.95 per monthIt costs $19.95 per monthIt costs $24.95 per month
iCloud (50 GB)iCloud (200 GB)iCloud (2 TB)

Wrapping Up: How to Watch Servant Without Apple TV!

In this post, we have shown a guide on “how to watch Servant without Apple TV”. Apple TV is essentially a little box that you can plug into your TV connected to any internet connection.

Therefore, you don’t really need an Apple TV to watch movies or TV shows that are available through an Apple TV+ subscription.


Is the Servant only on Apple TV+?

Yes. The Servant is exclusive to Apple TV+ subscribers, and it costs $4.99 a month.

Where else can I watch the Servant?

Currently, you can watch Servant on Apple TV+ because it is Apple’s Original series.

Is Servant available on Netflix?

No. Servant is exclusive to Apple TV+ subscribers. So, you can only be able to watch Servant on Apple TV+ as it’s unlikely to be available on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or other streaming services.

How do I get Apple TV?

On your device, navigate to the app store and download the Apple TV app or Apple TV+ app. If it is not available, there is a possibility that your device might not be compatible.

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