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How to Watch Hazbin Hotel for Free? [2024]

How to Watch Hazbin Hotel for Free? [2024]

Hazbin Hotel is an adult animated musical comedy, only available on Amazon Prime Video. It follows Lucifer’s daughter who tries to search for a nonviolent method for decreasing hell’s overpopulation and ends up launching a rehabilitation hotel for a bunch of misfit demons. 

With a good 7.7/10 on IMDb, the animated series is currently trending. However, since it is available only on the paid streaming service provider — Amazon Prime Video, you are going to have to pay to watch it. 

For the same reason, we have many users wanting to know how to watch Hazbin Hotel for free, and if you’re one of them, then you are on the right page because the article below will give you the exact answer you are searching for.

How to Watch Hazbin Hotel for Free?

Unfortunately, there are only a bunch of ways you can watch Hazbin Hotel for free, and since it is an Amazon Prime Video original, you won’t find it on any other streaming service providers, until further declaration. 

Therefore, below are the only legal ways you can watch Hazbin Hotel for free:

Prime Video 30 Days Free Trial

Fortunately, Amazon Prime Video has a 30-day free trial for all new uses, where you can sign up for the free trial and watch all the available content in its library, including Hazbin Hotel.

However, you must be aware that you will need to provide your payment information first, and since the subscription is set on auto auto-renewal by default, make sure you unsubscribe at least a couple of days before it ends.

Borrow a Premium Account From Someone 

We know this method might not entirely amuse you, but if you have someone who has subscribed to Amazon Prime Video services, then it is time to take advantage of the opportunity and ask them for their account credentials for some time.

Additionally, you can take your time in returning the premium account, and they always have the option to change the password in the future. 

Limited Free Viewings 

Unlike a couple of methods mentioned above, the ones mentioned below offer only limited free viewings.


If you can find the official Hazbin Hotel channel on YouTube, then you can see that it has offered the ‘Pilot’ episode, along with the opening song for free.

In addition to that, it has also released the first episode of the series, ‘Obertura’, which is only available on the platform for free until 17th February 2024.

Fan-created Content

Now, this may not be entirely legal — but some fans have uploaded some summaries and clips of the television series on popular streaming platforms like YouTube and Dailymotion. 

However, you are not to expect good quality or perfectly edited content from these videos and channels. 

Wait for a Wider Release

As of January 2024, the creators of the television series have not spoken about any more distributions, but if you could wait for some time, then you might be able to watch the series on other streaming service providers, including the ones you are subscribed to.

Final Words

Apart from the message mentioned in the article, undoubtedly, you might find many more options and methods to watch for free on the Internet.

On the contrary, you must be aware that these methods and websites are pirated and illegal, and can be extremely harmful to your device. 

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and hope you know how to watch Hazbin Hotel for free.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What website can I watch the Hazbin Hotel on?

Hazbin Hotel is an Amazon Prime Video original, so you can only watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

Where should I watch Hazbin Hotel?

Hazbin Hotel is only available to stream on the Amazon Prime Video network, so you can only watch it on that platform.