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How to Uninstall Audacity [Guide]

How to Uninstall Audacity [Guide]

Do you want to uninstall audacity from your device? Want to know how to uninstall audacity? Don’t worry, you’re at the right place. In this article, I’ll show you a simple step-by-step procedure on how to completely get rid of Audacity from Windows and Mac.

Audacity is a free and open-source digital audio editing and video recording platform which is available for macOS, Windows, GNU/Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. Its main features include editing, recording and playing back sounds, multitrack mixing, and providing a large array of digital and plugins.

How to Uninstall Audacity [Guide]

There can be many reasons why you want to uninstall Audacity. Among the most common reason can be its email spamming or few minor glitches. Nevertheless, follow the steps mentioned below on how to uninstall Audacity.

How to uninstall Audacity for Windows

  1. Go to Settings on your device and click on Apps on the left side of your screen.
  2. Scroll down and find Audacity. Click on it and select Uninstall, and follow the prompts.
  3. Or, you can also simply go to Control Panel and select Programs.
  4. Click Programs and Features.
  5. Select Audacity and Uninstall it, and follow the prompts.

To check if there are any Audacity files left: Computer -> C drive -> Programs/Program files or type in /programdata in the search bar.

How to uninstall Audacity for Mac

Audacity application makes different service files to function properly. So, in order to completely uninstall Audacity from your mac, you are supposed to delete all the Audacity files.

Step 1: Close the Audacity app. Open Applications folder and search for file. Right click on it and choose Move to trash.

Step 2: Now, you can be able to remove all the unwanted Audacity service files. The service filers are stored in the hidden library folder.

To open this folder: Finder -> click Go in the menu bar -> select Go to Folder from the drop-down menu -> type “~/Library” in the windows which appears and select Go.

Step 3: Within the library folder, find and delete all folders and files which are related to Audacity. Check to see if there are any subfolders of the library folder in the following manner:

~/Library/Application Support/audacity

~/Library/Saved Application State/org.audacityteam.audacity.savedState


Sometimes, depending on the Audacity version and your macOS version, there might be more service files on your disk. Hence, I’d advise you to check to see if there are any Audacity service files left in the following Library subfolders:






~/Library/Application Scripts

Now, empty you trash bin to completely uninstall Audacity from your Mac.

Conclusion: I hope, now you understood how to uninstall Audacity from your macOS and Windows.


How do I uninstall Audacity from my computer?

Go to Settings on your device -> click o Apps on the left side of your screen -> Scroll down -> find Audacity -> Click on it -> select Uninstall -> follow the prompts.

How do you delete all the files on Audacity?

Open the application -> find the file -> right click on it -> select move to trash. Now, you can delete all useless service files related to the Audacity software tool.

How do you manually use Audacity?

Find a file to edit -> import the file from Audacity -> look at the waveform -> listen to the imported audio -> make a 10 seconds clip from your audio.