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How to Get Free Coins in Blooket? [2024]

How to Get Free Coins in Blooket? [2024]

We all know that education has been shifted to being digital for many schools and students — the same reason we have plenty of educational platforms, literally digital classrooms online, provided by some of the trusted titles like Blooket. 

Blooket approaches a fresh method towards modern classroom revision and is here to help you make a blend of action and education for a better grasp of daily learning, while it also helps create the ideal learning experience online.

However, like nothing in this world is free, to use the Blooket app, you need to purchase coins — and currently, many users want to know how to get free coins in Blooket. 

Now, there might be many legal methods tempting you, but you don’t need to worry anymore because the article below contains some the easiest methods to get free coins on Blooket. 

How to Get Free Coins in Blooket?

Complete Daily Rewards

Fortunately, daily reward is the easiest method to get free coins, and Blooket, where you receive 500 coins every day by completing your daily rewards.

To claim your rewards, go to the ‘Rewards’ tab and choose the ‘Daily Rewards’ option. 

Watch Ads

You can watch ads and earn coins easily, and to do so, you need to follow a small and simple process that includes going to the ‘shop’ tab and choosing the ‘Watch ads for coins' option. 

Use a Referral Code

If you have someone in your connections who is already playing in Blooket, then you can use their referral cord and get free coins.

To do so, you have to follow a simple procedure, like going to the ‘settings’, clicking on the ‘referral code’ option, and entering the referral code to win free coins. 

Play Games

There is a good variety of games available in Blooket, and since the number of coins you will earn depends on your performance, it gradually  motivates you to do better and learn more. 

Warning: You might come across some websites and apps that claim to provide you free coins on Blooket, but are actually a scam. 

So, you must be aware that the majority of these platforms are scams and only trying to steal your personal information.

Final Words

Like that one warning mentioned above, the Internet might tempt you with many other illegal ways to get free coins in Blooket.

However, you must always play smart, and only choose the safest and easiest methods, just like the ones mentioned in this article.

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and hope you now know how to get free coins in Blooket. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to get free coins in Blooket on iPad?

To get free coins in Blooket on iPad, you can claim your daily rewards, use referral codes, watch ads, or play games. 

How to get free coins in Blooket easy?

To get free coins and Blooket, some of the easiest methods are – claiming daily rewards, watching ads, using referral codes, and playing games.