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How to Download Halo Infinite Flight [Complete Guide]

How to Download Halo Infinite Flight [Complete Guide]

Are you wondering how to download Halo Infinite Flight? Want to know when it will launch and how to sign up? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll show you everything that you want to know about Halo Infinite Flight.                                                                                                                                                                               

Halo Infinite is an upcoming first-person shooter game created by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studious for Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Series X and Windows. It is planning to launch later in 2021, and currently, it is planning to use the Halo Insider Program to roll out test flights before the game officially launches.

How to download Halo Infinite Flight [Guide]

Thanks to Halo Infinite beta test, fans will get an opportunity to play Halo Infinite before its official launch. It has released on 29 July, and will only be available for a very short period of time i.e., till 1 August.

You are supposed to sign up for the Halo Insider Program in order to participate in Halo Infinite beta play test. Both PC Players and Xbox Players can sign up for the beta test, so follow the steps below on how to sign up for Halo Insider.

Step 1: Go to Halo Insider page on, and click Sign up.

Step 2: Click Sign in under “Sign in to your Xbox Live account,” and sign in using your Microsoft Account credentials.

Step 3: If asked, allow Halo Waypoint access to your Xbox Live information. Confirm that you are 18 or older, and agree to the “Halo Insider Program Confidentiality Statement.” Now, click Join the Program.

Step 4: Enter your preferred location, email, time zone and experience with Halo games and select Continue. When asked if you’d like to be considered for console flighting or PC flighting, click Yes.

Fill your console ownership and setup details and then select Continue, or follow the on-screen instructions to get and upload your PC specifications with Windows 10’s DirectX Diagnostic.

If you use steam, select the Link Steam Account option and log in with your steam credentials, then click Continue.

Step 5: If asked about flight availability, click the days and time you are usually available for test sessions. Select Complete Signup and open the halo Insider email sent to your given email address, and select “Verify my Email Address” in the email.

Once you are finished, you can see that your halo Insider profile will automatically pop up, and your information can be edited at any time.

Conclusion: To have the opportunity to take part in the beta test of Halo Infinite, you are supposed to sign up first. Once you sign up, you’ll get the details on how to download Halo Infinite Flight if you are chosen for the beta test. So, I hope the above article has helped you to know how to play, signup and how to download Halo Infinite Flight.


How to download Halo Infinite flight?

Once you sign up for Halo Infinite beta test, you’ll get the details of how to download Halo Infinite when the flight starts.

When will Halo Infinite Flight release?

343 Industries and Microsoft has planned to release Halo Infinite later this year for Windows and Xbox.

When will Halo Infinite Flight beta test start?

It will start on Thursday, 29 July and will end on Sunday, 1 August 2021.

Where is Halo Infinite Flight available?

It is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Series X and Windows.

How do I sign up for Halo Infinite?

You can go to Halo Insider Program on Halo Waypoint to sign up for the beta test.