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How to Delete Kikoff Account [Complete Guide]

How to Delete Kikoff Account [Complete Guide]

Are you fed up using your Kikoff account and want to know how to delete Kikoff account? In this article, I’m going to show you how to close or delete your Kikoff account. There might be various reasons why you would like to delete your Kikoff account, among all of them the most prominent one might be the email spamming by the company.

Kikoff is an online venture-capital platform that is funded and backed by various Silicon Valley’s savvy investors and some social investors. It allows you to credit builder loans and provide loans on the basis of bank statements and verification. They do all this with 0% interest, no credit check and no fees. You can decide how much you spend and you can pay back your balance at any time.

How to Delete Kikoff Account [Guide]

You can easily delete your Kikoff account by sending a simple email to their support team and requesting them to delete your account from their database.

Follow the steps below on how to delete Kikoff account:

  1. Open your email account which is registered with the Kikoff’s website.
  2. Enter in the “To” address.
  3. On subject slot, type “Request to delete my account.”
  4. Now, start composing an email asking them to delete your account permanently and to delete all your information from their databse.
  5. After finishing writing the mail, click Send.

Your email may be looking like this:


Subject: Request to delete my Kikoff account

Your message:

Dear Kikoff team,

I would no longer intent to use my Kikoff account anymore. So, I would like you to delete my account permanently. Can you please delete my account?


[your name]

Their support agents will close your account permanently and you’ll receive an email confirmation of your account closure.

Note: Please remember that even after deleting your Kikoff account, you might still receive emails from Kikoff for up to two weeks. So, please kindly ignore those emails.

Also, note that your credit will change whenever you open or close your account and closing a credit line can also lower the average age of account on your report.

Final words: I hope the above article on how to delete Kikoff account has helped you close your account permanently.

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How do I delete my Kikoff account?

Their support team will close your account for you at your request and you’ll receive an email confirmation of your account closure.

Does Kikoff have an app?

No, they don’t have mobile application yet. Whereas, Kikoff’s website is fully optimized for mobile users and you can directly manage your account and loan details directly from

How legit is Kikoff?

Kikoff is a licensed creditor, and they are officially recognized by major credit bureaus, and they helped tens of thousands of people build credit. They report every payment you make and build your credit history.

Does Kikoff report to TransUnion?

Kikoff normally reports your monthly payments to Equifax and Experian. Nonetheless, if you are new to credit, they will report your payments to TransUnion.

Does Kikoff build credit?

Yes, they give you access to $500 revolving line of credit which you can utilize to create a credit history.