How to Delete Credit Karma Account [Complete Guide]

How to Delete Credit Karma Account

In this article, we will give a trouble-free and easy procedure on How to delete Credit Karma account. Credit Karma is a multinational finance company that offers free credit scores insights and reports from Equifix and TransUnion, national credit bureaus.

Cancelling your account doesn’t really every details of your account. Credit Karma officials say that even if you deactivate or delete your account, they still hold to your information for the long period. In some cases, you can ask their support team to delete that data.

How to delete Credit Karma account

If you are worried about your data, it is better to delete your Credit Karma account rather than keeping it active.

Follow the steps listed below on how to delete Credit Karma account;

  1. Open your Credit Karma account.
  2. Go to my Profile
  3. Click on Security settings.
  4. Click on Help center which is in the bottom left corner.
  5. Search Delete my account in the search bar.
  6. Click on How do I cancel my membership?
  7. Click on Deactivate my Credit Karma account.
  8. On the next page, click on Confirm cancellation.

Your membership will be canceled and you’ll no longer have access to your Credit Karma account history. Also, you won’t be able to create a new account for six months.

If you want to create a new Credit Karma account, keep in mind that you won’t be able to access to the information that was stored in your previous account.

Conclusion: I hope the above article on hot to delete Credit Karma account helped you solve your problem. If you still have a problem deleting it, I would recommend you to contact their support team.

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What happens when you deactivate Credit Karma?

After cancelling your credit karma membership, you’ll no longer have access to your Credit Karma tool or account history information. Also, you won’t be able to create a new account for six months.

Can I make a new Credit Karma account?

Yes. You can make a new account to replace your already existing account. The information that was stored in your previous account won’t be available through your new account. It is advised not to replace your savings Credit Karma account.

Is Credit Karma safe?

Yes. Credit Karma is a legitimate free website which provides you with your credit score and report. It has a committed security system and bug reward program to help protect the data on its site, and uses 128-bit encryption to protect its users.

Is Credit Karma actually free?

Yes. Credit Karma is completely free. Credit Karma won’t ask you for your credit number while registering your account or at any other time.

What does Credit Karma do?

Credit Karma gives you a free credit score and credit report in exchange for your spending habits information. The scores, and reports information on credit karma comes from Equifax and TransUnion.

How do you reset your Credit Karma?

To reset your password, you can enter the email address you previously used to log-in to your credit karma account. You’ll receive a verification link to reset your password.

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