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How to Buy a Blimp in Bitlife [Guide 2024]

How to Buy a Blimp in Bitlife [Guide 2024]

How to Buy a Blimp in Bitlife: Bitlife, the life simulation game that allows you to live countless virtual lives, offers an array of exciting activities and opportunities. From becoming a renowned actor to exploring a multitude of careers, Bitlife lets you make choices that shape your character's destiny.

Among these possibilities is the unique chance to buy a blimp, an iconic and unconventional mode of transportation. If you are wondering how to buy a Blimp in Bitlife, you come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to buy a Blimp in Bitlife. So, continue reading the article!

What is Bitlife?

Bitlife is a highly popular text-based life simulation game for mobile devices. In Bitlife, players get to live out various career paths and life choices, controlling a character's life from birth to death.

It offers a unique experience by presenting life's challenges and opportunities through a list of instructions, random events, and humor. The game involves making choices for your character's actions and decisions throughout their life, providing a simple yet engaging gameplay experience.

How to Buy a Blimp in Bitlife

How to Buy a Blimp in Bitlife?

To buy a blimp in Bitlife, you need to:

Become a pilot.

To become a pilot in Bitlife, follow these steps:

  • Graduate from university
  • Attend flight school and get your pilot's license
  • Get the pilot job.

Age until the blimp becomes available in the specialty aircraft store.

After becoming a pilot, you'll need to age and wait for the blimp to become available. This might take some in-game years.

Go to Activities > Shopping > Aviation Dealer.

Once the blimp is available, go to the “Activities” tab in the game and find the “Shopping” option. Then, look for “Aviation Dealer” in the list of shops.

Select the blimp that you want to buy.

Inside the Aviation Dealer, you'll see various aircraft options, including blimps. Select the blimp that you want to buy.

Pay the purchase price.

After choosing a blimp, you'll need to pay the purchase price.