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How to Become a Temu Reviewer From Home? [2024]

How to Become a Temu Reviewer From Home? [2024]

How to Become a Temu Reviewer From Home?: We all are aware that Temu is still evolving and growing with its customer base, and most of us have already spent dollars trying its services. But, while Chinese buyers are making a fortune, you, as an American, can also earn through influence.

Yes, there are already plenty of influencers who are simply reviewing the Temu items from different categories and earning by giving genuine reviews and opinions. This way, you won’t only be paid as a reviewer, but you will also get free products to review.

But, before all that, how to become a Temu reviewer from home? and what are the minimum requirements to become a Temu reviewer? If you don’t know, then don’t fret because this article has all the answers you’re looking for. 

How to Become a Temu Reviewer From Home?

To become a Temu reviewer from home you must follow an easy guide steps, and it is mentioned below in detail:

1 – Create a Buyer’s Account 

In case you still don’t have a Temu account, then you must create one, and make sure you’re using a valid email address that you are updated with. 

2 – Add Details & Review

Add all the required data, including photo, contact number, address, and payment method, and make sure all the information is valid to make yourself look like an active user. 

3 – Check Review Conditions 

To make sure you have what it is worth, check all the review terms and conditions including image requirements, rewards criteria, the type of content allowed, and more.

4 – Apply for the Role

The official Temu website will have a separate reviewer program page, navigate to that page and submit your form. It will ask for social media accounts too, so only share active accounts. 

5 – Receive Approval 

Once you have successfully submitted the form, Temu will go through your profile and form, and once they have confirmed your approval, you will get your acceptance message between 5 to 7 business days. 

Once you have received your acceptance message, you can start requesting all the products you want to review — and make sure to only share honest and detailed reviews according to the guidelines. 

Minimum Requirements to Become a Temu Reviewer

According to Temu, the main and most important requirements to become a Temu reviewer are as follows:

Purchase History 

You need at least 5 successful purchases of a minimum of $50 from the platform in the past 6 months. Also, you must not have violated any policy or submitted negative reviews. 

Content Quality 

You must submit only detailed reviews, including the pros and cons, usage experiences, images, and key features of the item. It needs a minimum of 3 minutes of video reviews and 400 words in the written review, with no space for low-quality or plagiarized content.


You must publish a minimum of 2 to 3 reviews every month, maintain an average rating of 4 stars for your helpfulness, share all your reviews on added social media pages, and reply to questions and comments from other users. 


You must only review items already ordered or by Temu, disclose any sponsored items, and only provide independent opinions — with no biased content. 

Final Words

Indeed, being an influencer and reviewer was never an easy job, and omitting even one of the requirements is not an option. Yet, you can still do a good job if you try, and you might get more advantages than getting paid and free items. 

That is all from our side, and hope you know how to become a Temu reviewer from home. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I become a Temu product reviewer

To become a Temu product reviewer, you must create an account on its platform, check all the reviewer guidelines, submit a form with only valid details, and once you get approval, start reviewing — with only honest and detailed opinions.