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Google Maps vs Google Maps Go: Complete Comparison [2024] 

Google Maps vs Google Maps Go: Complete Comparison [2024] 

Google Maps vs Google Maps Go: Maps and Guides are important tools against you getting lost in the woods of the world. We all know only one name for the map app which is Google Maps. Google Maps has won hearts for turn-by-turn navigation to detailed maps such as satellite and traffic aspects.  

But sometimes, Google Maps can give you issues with the storage space of your phone, or a few tools are hard to understand by kids and senior citizens. 

 Hence Google has introduced Google Maps Go as a lighter version of Google Maps which works separately.  

In this article, we are going to differentiate Google Maps vs Google Maps Go and check which one is better than the other. By the end of the article, you will get to know about key differences, pros and cons, usage ideas etc.  

What is Google Maps Go?  

Google Maps Go is a separately designed application which is a lighter version of Google Maps. Users can download Google Maps Go to have a similar map structure as Google Maps.  

It has limited features set to use but comes with a very friendly user interface. Google Maps Go is a good option for children who need limited tools for maps and guides. 

 Even if you don’t want your phone to be occupied a lot by Google Maps space, then you can choose Google Maps Go as an alternative. To use Google Maps smoothly, you need to have Google Chrome installed on your devices.  

Google Maps Go doesn’t comes with a Navigation system but you can install the Navigation for Google Maps Go separately and then use Google Maps Go for easy navigation tools.  

To know more insights about Google Maps Go, please click here.  

Google Maps vs Google Maps Go

Google Maps vs Google Maps Go: Differences  

To understand the key differences between Google Maps vs Google Maps Go, let us look at the following pointers mentioned, which will give an exact idea about both apps.  

Features Google Maps Google Maps Go 
App Size  Google Maps can take up to 170 MB of storage. Whereas Google Maps Go takes only up to 7.13 MB of storage.  
User Interface  Google Maps carry more features and navigation tools for the best user interface.  Google Maps Go offer a simple user interface with limited tools.  
Navigation  Google Maps have in-built navigation and voice navigation is also available as a turn-by-turn navigation option.  Google Maps Go doesn’t have any built-in navigation options. You need to install the Navigation app separately.  
Real-Time Location Sharing With Google Maps, you can easily share real-time locations with your friends and family.  Real-time location sharing is not supported by Google Maps Go.  
Offline Maps  Google Maps supports the download option for maps and guides in offline mode.  There is no option available to use or download maps offline with Google Maps Go.  
Target Audience  Google Maps is available for everyone to use.  Usually, it is an alternative for senior citizens and children to understand maps on a simple level.  

Pros- Cons: Google Maps vs Google Maps Go  

Now, let's see what the pros and cons of Google Maps are- 

Pros of Google Maps  

  • It is a fully loaded feature set to look for.  
  • Google Maps offers voice navigation with different map modes 
  • The maps are available in the offline mode too.  
  • Recommendations are also available based on locations.  

Cons of Google Maps  

  • Google Maps may work slowly on some devices. 
  • Google Maps can take up a lot of space on your device which may be a problem for some.  
  • Some of the options available on Google Maps are not easy to understand which creates complexity.  

Moving further, we shall now look at the pros and cons of Google Maps Go- 

Pros of Google Maps Go  

  • The performance of Google Maps Go is quite faster than the simple Google Maps. 
  • It has a simpler user interface which is easy to understand. 
  • The best companion for children as well as senior citizens.  
  • Uses less storage space than Google Maps.  
  • The app works perfectly fine with old phones.  

Cons of Google Maps Go 

  • Google Maps Go has limited features. 
  • It does not offer 3D viewing on maps.  
  • You cannot change the angle of the map or add places to save.  
  • The app doesn’t offer any option to download the maps offline.  
  • Adding photos and videos to the application is not yet available.  
  • If you want navigation along with the app, you need to install a second app too.  
  • Requires Google Chrome for work.  
  • It won't work if Google Maps is pre-installed on your device.  

Which app to use when: Google Maps vs Google Maps Go 

Google Maps 

Users should use Google Maps if they don’t have any problem with RAM storage. Google Maps offer plenty of tools and navigation options to explore. Hence if your phone has enough storage and works smoothly with the original Google Maps app, then you should use Google Maps only.  

Google Maps should be the first choice, because of the unlimited tools and best services available for the users in the map category.  

Google Maps Go  

Google Maps Go is another option for users who find difficulty in using Google Maps. If your phone doesn’t have any extra storage that Google Maps acquire, you can choose to use Google Maps Go as the alternative.  

Google Maps Go should be the second choice only if you have trouble using the Google Maps app on your phone.  

Conclusion: Is Google Maps or Google Maps Go better? 

Everyone knows Original is Original. Google Maps is always better than Google Maps Go. In one sentence, Google Maps Go is only the close alternative to Google Maps.  

Google Maps should always be the first choice because of the unlimited tools for navigation, downloading and sharing. It is a powerhouse for all types of maps, guides and navigation I.e., voice navigation.  

Whereas Google Maps Go is a good alternative to sue if you are facing trouble issues with Google Maps. Even if your phone is running out of storage, then you can choose Google Maps Go over Google Maps.  


Is Google Go the same as Google Maps?

Google Maps Go is a separately designed application from Google Maps, hence it is not the same.  

What does go mean on Google Maps? 

Google Maps Go is an edition to the first release of apps for Android Go devices hence the word Go represents a version related to Android Go.  

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