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21 Games like Would You Rather You Shouldn’t Miss [2024]

21 Games like Would You Rather You Shouldn’t Miss [2024]

Whether you want to have a fun time playing with your family members and cousins, or want to make a new colleague feel comfortable at work – in any such situation, you can always rely on some games to make the meeting more engaging.

Now, when it comes to conversation games, although we have plenty to try out, we usually tend to go for only the most popular ones like Would You Rather. Of course, Would You Rather is worth a try and time, but playing the same game whenever you want to have fun may be boring at some point.

If that’s the actual case with you, then we are glad you chose this article because we have curated a list of the top games like Would You Rather — each coming with a different gameplay and fun, mentioned below.

List of Games like Would You Rather:

1. Two Truths And A Lie

Two Truths And A Lie is a challenging game where you can choose to keep track of your scores, otherwise, a game without it will do too. 

In this game, one of the participants will say three things – and you have to guess which among them is two truths, and one lie. 

How to Play

On your turn, you have to say 3 facts about yourselves – among which two must be true and one a lie. Among the participants, they will decide on which is the lie. The ones who have guessed correctly will get the point while others will get zero. 

2. Love, Like, Or Leave 

Love, Like, Or Leave is one of our personal favorite games. You can play the game when you are either with your group of friends or colleagues — or try with your best friend or family.

For the gameplay, all you have to do is say three things, facts, or anything similar and ask the one on the target to choose the things or facts they love, like, or would leave.

How to Play

The targeted one will be given three options, for example — K-pop, J-pop, and Hollywood, and they have to categorize these accordingly, like Love K-pop, Like Hollywood, and Leave J-pop. 

3. They’re Perfectly Perfect, But…

They’re Perfectly Perfect, But is another one of our favorites, a super engaging game where you talk about someone, mainly your celebrity or fictional crushes, and call them perfect, but then add their flaw.

Yes, the game is not exactly about appreciating your crush but agreeing to the fact that, although the person is perfect, there is this one flaw that really bothers you. 

How to Play

You can start the game randomly and start with any name that others are aware of, like, if all of you are into anime, then you can start with – Yor Briar is just perfect — until she starts acting super naive again. 

4. Hot Takes 

Hot Takes is an underrated game compared to others in the list, where people talk about their unpopular opinion about something they strongly feel negative or positive about.

The game can be played in big and regular groups where you can start randomly to get everyone’s attention, you can always start when you are with your spouse or best friends.

How to Play

You can start with your unpopular opinion, such as — I don’t really think that Kardashians are a big deal, or so, and others will drop their opinions and thoughts about your opinion, where it can turn into a proper discussion or even debate at some point. 

5. Orange Flags 

Orange Flags are — wait, let’s start from scratch. Red Flags are those men who have anger issues, tsundere traits, and such, while Green Flags are those who are kind, lovely, cute, and such.

Now, Orange Flags is a term used for those who are neither too bad nor too good. They might be someone you can’t stand at all, or they might be the secret crush of your best friend. 

How to Play

Here, you can randomly talk about your real life, celebrity, or fictional crush and your best friend, friends, or cousins will drop their opinions, since everyone’s opinion differs, and you all can go deep into the hot topics. 

6. High, Low, And Buffalo

High, Low, And Buffalo is another good way to know what is going on in your best friend’s or family member’s life.

In this game, High, Low, And Buffalo depict different situations like the best thing going on, something bothering you, and something funny you recently encountered.

How to Play

As you might have guessed, this game is a good option when played with one or two participants instead of a huge group.

Here, when you ask a person High, they will talk about something happy, when asked low, they can share something that has been bothering them, and when asked Buffalo, they can share something random, interesting, or funny. 

7. Never Have I Ever… 

Never Have I Ever is one of the most popular titles mentioned in this article – an interesting game you play with a big group, like at parties or functions.

In this game, the more the merrier, but you can also play it as a couple or a duo. 

How to Play

One of the participants will start with Never Have I Ever — smoked before, drank alcohol, etc, and the ones who have done the deed will raise a hand, while the ones who didn’t will keep quiet. 

8. The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game is specifically fun for those groups where every member is interested in learning new things – like animals, cities, countries, or romantic movies.

The game can be played by kids as well as adults and is a good way to know how much the other person knows. 

How to Play

You have to start by picking a category, and it can be anything like songs, movies, celebrities, etc.  

Then you have to go along with the alphabet systematically, and every participant will say our name starting with the current letter. Like, snake for the S letter, and the next in line can say Eagle, for the ending letter of the previous name. 

9. I Like You Because… 

I Like You Because is better and highly recommended when you are with your spouse or loved one, while it also serves as a good option when you are sitting with your friend’s group.

In this game, everyone will take turns and appreciate something they like about someone in the group, like what is that something they like about a certain person.

How to Play

Sit in a circle, and you can either choose to talk about your side partners or go on and appreciate every participant in the group one by one. 

10. 21 Questions

21 Questions again, is a game for 2 people. It is a good option when you are in front of a stranger and you wish to know them better.

As the title says, the game is about questions, where both parties will take turns and ask each other 21 questions, which can be of any kind. 

How to Play

The first person from the two will ask questions, and the other has to answer, however they like. They can choose to ask one by one, or they can always write the questions on paper and pass the paper to the other person for answers. 

11. Better Than Before 

Better Than Before is not really a game, but it is still called a game because while trying to play it, your initial intentions will most likely be to ask the other person what they are doing these days.

Yes, while it is recommended to play it with your coworker, parent, partner, or friend, you can always ask a small group of people to come over and start with your questions steadily.

How to Play

Randomly or go with the flow of the conversation and ask the other person something easy to answer, and you can gradually increase the value of your question.

For instance, you can start by – when was the last time you were extremely proud of yourself? And can go on with your questions spree. 

12. Just A Minute 

Just A Minute is, with no doubt, one of the most interesting games presented in this article. 

This game is super challenging because it comes with a time limit, where you will be given a random topic to speak on for one minute, and if you break the rules, you lose.

How to Play

To start the game, all the participants are required to sit in a circle, or at least close to each other to avoid confusion. 

The person in turn will be given a random topic to speak on, they have to continue to talk about it for a complete minute, and if they repeat anything or stop talking even for a moment – they are out. 

13. I Spy 

I Spy is an easy game, but depending on the person in turn, it can get super challenging as time goes by.

In this game, you can start randomly by ‘I Spy with my little eye on (first letter of the object), and ask others in the room to guess what you are spying on.

How to Play

As already mentioned above, you can start with an ‘I Spy’ sentence and ask others to guess what you mean. If everyone fails to guess, then you can be generous and give another hint. 

14. One Line At A Time 

One Line At A Time comes with a different kind of challenge, where you don’t exactly have a limit for time, but surely for the words you say. 

Here, all the participants in the game will contribute to form a story, where every person will take turns and say only one sentence to continue the story.

How to Play

To start with the game, you don’t need to decide on a plot or anything. 

The first in line will start with one sentence, and the others will say the next part of the story in only one sentence, and that is how you’re supposed to complete the entire story. 

15. 10 Things In Common 

10 Things In Common is one of the highly interactive games, where there is no challenge or anything of that sort, and you only play to see what you have in common with your partner.

Now, the game is a good option for couples, especially for those in the starting phase, while it is also fun when you play it in a group where everyone has a partner. 

How to Play

After making pairs, every participant will be given a paper and pen to write down the 10 things they have in common. After everyone is done, you can share and discuss your similarities with others.

16. Who Knows Me Better?

Who Knows Me Better, as it says, is for a group of people, where every participant will be taking turns and asking the group to answer the Who Knows Me Better question.

Here, one person will ask one question at a time, and you can also turn this into a challenging game where the ones answering correctly will get the point.

How to Play

We start by sitting in a circle, and the first to go will ask the group a question, like – What are my goals in life? What is my ideal time? And anything like that. 

Everyone is free to answer however they want, and if you are collecting scores, then the one or ones with the correct answer will get the point.

17. Truth Or Dare 

Truth Or Dare is one of the most popular options, a highly interactive game through which you can easily understand what’s going on in your opponent’s life. 

Here, you will ask the person targeted truth or dare. They have to choose one option, and while they have to be honest about the truth, they should do the dare at any cost. 

How to Play

All the participants will sit in a circle and you can either use a bottle to spend and see who is the target, or simply take turns systematically.

The target will be asked if they want to be asked a question, and if they don’t want to be honest with you, they can always go for the dare, which is their ultimate option — otherwise a penalty is awaiting. 

18. Who’s Most Likely To…

Who’s Most Likely To is for a group of friends or colleagues, and a good option when you want to see what others think of you and others in the group.

In this game, while you have to point out other people, you also have the option of pointing at yourself. 

How to Play

You can randomly suggest questions in your turn, or write down if you already have some in mind. 

Now, with every turn, a person will ask a question or read out the questions one by one from the list, and everyone will point out to the person they think is most likely to do so. 

For instance, if there is a question like — Who’s Most Likely To draw good, then you are free to point at the person who you think is better at art. 

19. What’s Your Favorite…

What’s Your Favorite is definitely a good choice if you have met someone’s first time and you wish to know what they like – maybe in case you want to impress them or something like that.

With every turn of What’s Your Favorite, you will get to know what’s their favorite in a specific category, and just like that, you will know everything they love. 

How to Play

Both the participants will take turns and ask each other What’s Your Favorite, as in what is your favorite in so and so category. For example, you can ask – what’s your favorite holiday destination, singer, actor, dish, etc. 

20. Ask Me Anything 

Ask Me Anything is another one of those games that comes with penalties. Here, although you can play it with a small group it is recommended to try it when you are at parties and functions with more people.

As the title says, if it is your turn, you will ask the others in the group to ask you anything. While you must be honest while answering, you can always skip the question, but meet with a penalty.

How to Play

Before starting the game, you have to discuss with the participants and decide on a penalty for those who choose to skip the question, and you can always have more options for penalties.

After that, start asking questions, and the ones skipping will have to do the penalty at any cost. 

Final Words 

We know how hard it is to decide on which game to try when you either want to break the ice or have fun with your homies. 

Even if you know a bunch, barely one or two come to your mind, and that is why we have presented a list of the top Would You Rather games for you, including many different types of games with different situations and participant count.

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and hope it was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there more fun games like Would You Rather?

High, Low, And Buffalo, Ask Me Anything, 21 Questions, What’s Your Favorite, 10 Things In Common, Hot Takes, Better Than Before, Orange Flags, and They’re Perfectly Perfect, But are some more fun games like Would You Rather. 

What are good games like Would You Rather with friends?

Truth Or Dare, Never Have I Ever, Two Truths And A Lie, The Alphabet Game, Who’s Most Likely To, Who Knows Me Better, Love, Like, Or Leave, and One Line At A Time are some of the good games like Would You Rather with friends.