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9 Best Games like Valkyria Chronicles to Play RN! [2024]

9 Best Games like Valkyria Chronicles to Play RN! [2024]

Games like Valkyria Chronicles: Valkyria Chronicles is a widespread series with a military theme and tactical role-playing. In this game, you have to use a unique turn-based battle technique named BLiTZ and win battles against the opponent.

Valkyria Chronicles gives the best vibe of ancient battles and strategic victories. It also has an interesting plot and exciting gameplay — giving you an amazing adventurous experience through ancient battles.

Regardless, if you have already given it a shot and now are searching for more games like Valkyria Chronicles, then we are glad to inform you that the article mentioned below contains a well-curated list of the best 9 games like Valkyria Chronicles you should try right away!

List of Games like Valkyria Chronicles:

1. Fire Emblem 

Fire Emblem Games like Valkyria Chronicles

Similar to Valkyria Chronicles, Fire Emblem is also a popular fantasy tactical RPG game series, including 17 core entries and along with five spin-offs. 

Fire Emblem has been entertaining gamers for over 30 years and is one of the leading games on Nintendo. It allows you to customize your handles and controls on touch screens to play on the go, while you can also gather multiple characters from the Fire Emblem universe.

Key Highlights

  • Thousands of story stages — Fire Emblem concludes with over 1900 story stages as of March 2024. This number will increase as more plots will be added to the main story of Fire Emblem in the future.
  • Real and intense battle — Fire Emblem battles feel real and they’re extremely intense where you’ll only gain the victory if you use your brain and strategies.
  • Different modes — Fire Emblem has many replayable modes which will help you gain more experience in battle, competing with other gamers, etc.

2. Langrisser 

Langrisser Game

Langrisser is another popular fantasy tactical RPG video game series. Like other games mentioned in this article, Langrisser also has a strong and interesting plotline to follow and multiple story stages to gain the final victory.

Langrisser’s latest update has brought in a forbidden battleground for a limited time – Reflective Mirror and Aurora Wings, where you will meet with the MC Valkyrie and fight with her in ice and snow to protect Elysium.

Key Highlights

  • Turn-based strategic battles — Langrisser uses turn-based strategy battle gameplay where you have to counter your opponent’s units with the help of a classic class priority system and use terrain bonuses to win over them.
  • Upgrade your character — Langrisser has the class and character upgrade feature where every character in the game can be updated. Also, the more you upgrade them – the better they will become on the battlefield.

3. Troubleshooter 

Troubleshooter Game

Troubleshooter is another SRPG video game that takes you on multiple adventures across the world. Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children is the first season of this turn-based game, taking place in the modern world but following an equally-interesting plot.

Troubleshooter takes place in Valhalla – a free trading and unstable nation pitched by a total of three world powers after World War I. 

Due to some reason, the public order in Valhalla is banned, bringing instability, and so, troubleshooters – the citizens of Valhalla, are granted the authority to investigate and lower the crime rate. 

Key Highlights

  • 100s of missions – Troubleshooter has over 100 unique missions to offer you, and each mission has its own independent circumstance and problem.
  • Build a team – Troubleshooter will unlock more characters in the game, who can join your company and you’ll be able to take on more interesting and high-level missions.
  • 100s of cutscenes – Troubleshooter has over 300 cutscenes in the game to give you a better idea of the full story. 

4. XCOM 


XCOM is a sci-fi video game, including an elite international firm that has the responsibility of encountering an alien invasion on this planet. The series contains multiple game parts with the first one named X-COM: UFO Defense. 

Furthermore, XCOM will gradually change in the upcoming parts, as the Earth will change, and the problems will take a turn — where the only thing remaining the same is your motive of building your defense and winning over aliens.

Key Highlights

  • Recruit and get stronger — XCOM has about 5 soldier classes, giving you an opportunity to recruit more resistant fighters and get stronger together. 
  • Different breeds of aliens — in XCOM, you have to mainly fight with aliens, but the same species is subdivided into many other species. 
  • Complete missions — XCOM is not just mainly about fighting, and you will be using your strategies and plans to complete various different missions. 

5. Divinity 2 

Divinity 2 Game

Divinity: Original Sin II is a role-playing and award-winning video game – a sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, also the 5th main entry listed in the Divinity game series. 

Divinity 2 is more fun when you gather your gamer’s party and play in a group of four — with the twist that only one among you four will become the God.

Key Highlights

  • 6 Unique characters — Divinity 2 allows you to choose from 6 original personalities with different backgrounds and quests – or you can always create a human, dwarf, undead, elf, or lizard as your character.
  • Explore and experiment — since Divinity 2 is a strategic video game, you are allowed to explore the areas and experiment with your skills.

6. Disgaea 

Disgaea Game

Disgaea is another tactical role-playing game series but unlike other games mentioned in this article, it has rather cute and small-looking characters — but you shouldn’t judge their powers based on their sizes!

Furthermore, the twist in the game appears as soon as you discover that you are going to help a devil fight his way to the top of the throne – left empty by his deceased father and become the next overlord of the devilish Netherland kingdom.

Key Highlights

  • 10s of unique characters – Disgaea has over 40 unique character types and personalities to offer, and you can always customize your character to some extent.
  • Upgrade your skills – with every new level, your character will upgrade himself or herself to fight with stronger devils in the upcoming levels.
  • Become the villain – Disgaea will help you become the ultimate lord of the Netherlands world, where no kindness and good things exist. 

7. Wargroove 

Wargroove Game

Wargroove is a turn-based RPG tactical video game where you’ll have to dominate the battlefield with your group of 4 players and fight against a variety of armies in wars. 

Wargroove will ask you to choose the commander in the team and you can do many interesting things like designing a map, living the cutscenes of the story, going on campaigns, etc. 

Key Highlights

  • Over 10 characters — Wargroove has a vibrant cost, including over 12 unique characters and each of them has their unique motivations and skills.
  • Join 4 wars — Wargroove will have you join wars with 4 warring factions, including Heavensong Empire, Felheim Legion, Cherrystone Kingdom, and Floran Tribes.
  • Customize your adventure — Wargroove has advanced editing tools in the game where you can create your story, missions, ambushes, hidden secrets, etc. 

8. Rabbids  

Rabbids Games

The Rabbids is a multiplayer game to play with your group of friends or family. It talks about a hilarious, adventurous journey, full of noise and colorful personalities, including about 50 mini-games.

Moreover, Rabbids isn’t exactly similar to other games mentioned in this article, but if you are searching for fun on adventures where you can play with your loved ones, then Rabbids is a must-try.

Key Highlights

  • 50 different mini-games — in Rabbids, you will be building a team of up to 4 players locally, and together you all will face different challenges in a variety of 50 mini-games.
  • Fun characters — since Rabbids is more fun with its interesting list, you will be taking control of some really interesting and funny characters who will always keep you entertained and motivated. 

9. SteamWorld 

SteamWorld Game

SteamWorld is another good interesting video game series to take you on a variety of adventures with steam-driven robots — taking place in a post-apocalyptic steampunk universe.

All the SteamWorld games come with different gameplay, different story, and many more interesting things to explore. For instance, the SteamWorld Build game includes a dying planet, and you have to escape this planet by creating a mining town to find a long-lost technology.

Key Highlights

  • Become an architect — SteamWorld wants you to become the architect of this dying world and use your architectural skills to renovate it.
  • Manage the town — since you are the MC, you’ll have to manage the town by expanding it in equal directions and making sure everyone in the town is working hard. 
  • Explore through mining — mining is the main motive of this game and only through mining you’ll be able to explore new things and technology one day.

Final Words

The above-mentioned list of best games like Valkyria Chronicles consists of some of the most famous and amazing RPG games out there. Each one of them is a game series itself or a part of the same —  where you not only have to use your strategies, but also other skills to dominate. 

In conclusion, if you liked how Valkyria Chronicles worked through the gameplay and adventures, then the above list of games like Valkyria Chronicles has multiple gems to entertain you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there more games similar to Valkyria Chronicles?

Yes, there are many other games like Valkyria Chronicles, but if you specifically want the ancient and battle vibe – along with interactions with your teammates, then games like Fire Emblem, Xcom, Troubleshooter, and Rabbids will do the work.

Which Valkyria Chronicles is the best?

Honestly, all the Valkyrie Chronicles games from the Valkyrie Chronicle game series have different plotlines and interesting features of their own. However, comparing all the games in this series – users have stated that Valkyria Chronicles 4 has a better storyline and gameplay.