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Best Games Like Orwell: Top 10 Surveillance Thrillers!

Best Games Like Orwell: Top 10 Surveillance Thrillers!

Games like Orwell: Orwell is a popular series of simulation video games, including multiple episodic sections. In this game, you are to investigate the lives of people to catch those who are behind the series of terror attacks.

Moreover, the game has also received a great rating on Steam, and you can play it on a good bunch of platforms. Because of its interesting storyline, it is quite unique, but, what if you are done playing it?

There are many who have completed the game and don’t know which one to try next. So, if you’re one among them and are interested in knowing more similar games, then continue reading because the article below contains a list of the top games like Orwell you must try out. 

List of Games like Orwell:

1. Papers, Please 

Papers, Please Games Like Orwell

Papers, Please is one of the top games mentioned on this list, with the perfect 10/10 rating on Steam. It is a puzzle simulation video game and it comes with an extremely unusual and unique plot and gameplay.

Here, your job as an immigrant inspector is to manage the swift flow of citizens who are entering Asztotzkan. Among these people are also hidden spies, terrorists, and smugglers, who didn’t like how the 6-year war with the neighboring nation had ended. 

Key Highlights

  • You’ll be getting only the documents by travelers and the search, inspect, and fingerprint system to decide who’s an innocent citizen, and who should be arrested.
  • You’ll have to think wisely before you make decisions, or be ready for the bad consequences.

2. Simulacra

Simulacra Game

Simulacra is another interesting detective-horror video game, which you have to play with one single motive and purpose – going on an interactive horror adventure to explore a missing woman’s cell phone.  

The plot of the game is unique where you will find a lost phone from a missing woman called Anna. While you explore more about the phone, the deeper you go, the more strange it starts to behave.  

You go through her texts, emails, and even the photo gallery — everything is providing you with a hint of something, but you have to find out for yourself.

Key Highlights

  • You get to explore a completely realistic world through the lens of a cell phone.
  • You’ll get to enjoy a gameplay experience of famous apps, including social media apps, dating apps, and even the web browser.

3. Cyber Manhunt 

Cyber Manhunt Game

Cyber Manhunt is yet another popular game on Steam, including cyber-themed realistic society, taking place in the Republic of Alivia. It includes a variety of different stories, but all the characters in them are somewhat related to one another.

Overall, the game is meant to focus on a story-orientated puzzle that prioritizes hacking, big data, social workers, and citizen privacy. It focuses on social problems, including privacy breaches and cybercrime.

Key Highlights

  • You get to be the hero, collecting information from web searches, cracking passwords, chatting with targets as a stranger, and doing more intense stuff.
  • It comes with a unique and immersive gameplay, with multiple puzzles to solve, and a complex plot and many roles to discover.

4. Song of Farca

Song of Farca Game

Song of Farca seems to be a good yet underrated game, again with a great rating on Steam. It involves corporations, criminal structures, intrigue, lies, irreversible aftermath, and a scary future — welcoming you to a dark and cruel Black Mirror-esque novel.

In this game, you are invited into a story of hacking into crime scenes, analyzing data, interrogating criminals, looking for proof and evidence, dealing with the aftermaths of your own decisions, and tracking suspects — yes, doing all this being a hero.

Key Highlights

  • You get to use the darknet search and AI, hack drones and analyze surveillance footage, interrogate, or blackmail.
  • There is no one saving you from the consequences of the aftermath of your own wrong decisions.
  • You are required to draw the perfect conclusion, and a line between who is the actual victim, and who can be a criminal.

5. Hacknet 

Hacknet Game

Hacknet is another famous title in this list, allowing you to perform simulated computer hacking. It seems like an interactive simulation, where you will be diving deep into a rabbit hole as you follow steps by a recently deceased hacker. 

It follows another interesting storyline where a hacker, who was supposed to create the best security system on the planet, is now dead, and the story behind his is not what the media is showing. 

Key Highlights

  • You’ll get to enjoy real hacking based on UNIX commands. 
  • You are responsible for digging into the truth behind the deceased hacker’s death. 
  • You’ll get to create your own system networks, themes, music, campaigns, and story missions using extension tools.

6. Not Tonight 

Not Tonight Game

Not Tonight is an RPG adventure video game, a post-Brexit management game, involving time-pressure gameplay. It involves a politically charged plotline where all your decisions, either small or big, matter.

In simple words, you are welcomed in an alternative Britain where Brexit talks are no more, and a unique kind of government is in power. Nothing seems to be right, and it is up to you if you will keep quiet or fight for the drastic and wrong change.

Key Highlights

  • Make decisions and see how far you can go to survive in New Britain.
  • You need to find work through an app and become the checker on the doors of clubs, festivals, parties, and pubs.
  • You can upgrade your flat, equipment, and bouncer for a better future.

7. Hypnospace Outlaw 

Hypnospace Outlaw Game

Hypnospace Outlaw is a simulation game, taking place in a parody of the early Internet days. It involves the early Internet culture which is visited by users of the Internet in their sleep, named Hypnospace.

Overall, it’s a 90s Internet game where you’ll explore a variety of websites to stop wrongdoers and avoid adware and viruses. In simple words, you are to watch out for Internet bullying, copyright infringement, and more such crimes.

Key Highlights

  • You’ll have to search the darkest corners of the Internet to find those violating the rules.
  • Do a good job and earn coins and rewards.
  • You can download your preferred content, but make sure you are away from toolbars, hackers, and adware.

8. Legal Dungeon 

Legal Dungeon Game

Legal Dungeon is another underrated game where you will be arranging police investigation documents. You have to review and give an investigation verdict on multiple reports from small thefts and robberies to murder and bigger crimes.

Moreover, you will be involved in about 8 various criminal cases. Likewise, the game is here to teach you that punishing criminals is vital for public safety, and as you play, you’ll quickly become an expert in revealing true culprits.

Key Highlights

  • The game comes with 14 different endings – each varying according to your decisions.
  • You will have to do better and value lives to unlock collectibles.

9. Beholder 

Beholder Game

Beholder is one of the most famous titles presented in this article, a Russian adventure video game, presenting life in a totalitarian police state. It has a great rating on Steam, where you will be the state-installed manager assigned to an apartment building.

The game is a new kind of unique, where your daily routine will be making the building a good spot for tenants. It involves many mysteries and puzzles, including primary and secondary tasks, and is much more fun than it sounds like. 

Key Highlights

  • The gameplay and art of the game are something you might have never seen before – intense yet decent.
  • You will be spying on your tenants, deciding if you want to let go of small wrong activities or follow the law, and more such activities.

10. Scriptic 

Scriptic Game

Scriptic is an RPG video game available only on Android and iOS devices. It also has a Netflix edition video game and is filled with interactive dramas and crime stories – which you might have never heard before.

In this game, you will be starting your adventure as a London yard murder detective, and you will have to investigate and solve multiple murder mysteries – only getting the smartphones of the victims for proof and hints. 

Key Highlights

  • You get to control your police team.
  • You can conduct video call interrogations and receive calls.
  • You are allowed to check the victim’s personal text messages, apps, and photos for clues.

11. Return of the Obra Dinn 

Return of the Obra Dinn Game

Return of the Obra Dinn is probably the most famous game on this list with a perfect 10/10 rating on Steam. It is a first-person adventure on a mystery video game, primarily focusing on discovery and logical deduction.

Unlike the ones mentioned above, this game has quite an interesting gameplay, story, and art style, talking about the story of the 1800s, a merchant ship that left London with over 200 tons of goods, but never reached the destination, and was declared lost.

Key Highlights

  • The gameplay involves you finding the mystery behind why the ship had no crew and only damaged sails. 
  • The more you learn about the scenes the deeper you will go in mysteries and secrets.

Final Words

Apart from the ones mentioned above, the Internet is filled with many titles that might excite you even more. But, if you’re only more excited about crime and horror genre simulation video games, then the list above is exactly what you need. 

From unique stories to unusual and new gameplay, you’ll also get to enjoy different art styles.

With this, we have successfully presented the list of the top games like Orwell, and hope the article was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there any good games like Orwell keeping an eye on you?

Return of the Obra Dinn, Cyber Manhunt, Scriptic, Papers – Please, Song of Farca, Hacket, Simulacra, Not Tonight, Hypnospace Outlaw, Beholder, and Legal Dungeon are some of the good games like Orwell: keeping an eye on you.

Which are good games similar to Orwell?

Simulacra, Not Tonight, Hypnospace Outlaw, Return of the Obra Dinn, Papers – Please, Legal Dungeon, Song of Farca, Beholder, Hacket, Cyber Manhunt, and Scriptic are some good games similar to Orwell.