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9 Best Games Like Neko Atsume to Play Next in 2024!

9 Best Games Like Neko Atsume to Play Next in 2024!

Games Like Neko Atsume: Neko Atsume is a casual game where players collect cats by attracting them to their yard with food, toys, and furniture. The game is known for its cute graphics and relaxing gameplay.

It is a great cat collecting fun game but if you have already completed it or are searching for more cute animal collecting games like Neko Atsume, then you can find plenty of options on the Internet, but, which among them is most similar to Neko Atsume, or just as much exciting?

If you want to know the answer to the aforementioned question, then you must continue reading this article as it contains the list of the best 9 games like Neko Atsume you must have a look at!

List of Games Like Neko Atsume

1. Animal Restaurant 

Animal Restaurant Games Like Neko Atsume

Animal Restaurant is a casual mobile game where you run a restaurant for adorable animals. You serve a variety of dishes, upgrade your kitchen, and decorate your restaurant with cute furniture.

You play as a cat who runs a restaurant for cute animal customers. Your goal is to serve them delicious food, decorate your restaurant, and learn about your customers. It's a charming and simple game with cute graphics and easy-to-understand mechanics.

Key Highlights

  • Open and manage your own restaurant for animals.
  • Prepare a variety of dishes like pancakes, spaghetti, burgers, and more to satisfy your furry customers.
  • Customize and decorate your restaurant with a wide selection of furniture and expand it as you progress.
  • As you advance, unlock new kitchen tools and equipment to improve your cooking.
  • Learn about your customers' stories and enjoy their unique personalities.
  • Gather rewards from satisfied customers to enhance your restaurant and menu.
  • Simple gameplay mechanics make it easy to pick up and play, making it enjoyable for players of all ages.

2. Travel Frog 

Travel Frog Game

The most popular free game in China's Apple App Store is Travel Frog. In Travel Frog, the player takes care of a little frog who lives in a small cottage. You as a player can interact with it by providing food, items, and watching over its daily activities.

However, the unique aspect of the game is that the frog frequently goes on adventures without the player's control. Players can't directly influence the frog's journeys, as it leaves and returns at its own discretion.

Key Highlights

  • It is known for its calming and low-stress gameplay.
  • You care for a frog that goes on adventures autonomously.
  • Collect items from the frog's travels and decorate its cottage.
  • Receive postcards and snapshots from the frog's trips.
  • Enjoy the surprise of not knowing where the frog will go next.

3. KleptoCats 

KleptoCats Game

KleptoCats is a delightful mobile game where players care for a group of charming feline companions. The cats in this game are “cat burglars” who go on adventures and bring back various items as gifts for the player.

The game's core mechanics involve petting and feeding these feline friends to keep them happy and motivated to go on adventures. It offers a relaxed and charming gameplay experience for cat lovers and fans of collecting virtual companions.

Key Highlights

  • It offers a laid-back and enjoyable gaming experience suitable for players of all ages.
  • Care for a variety of endearing and quirky feline characters, each with its own personality.
  • Cats in the game act as “cat burglars” and bring back a diverse range of gifts from their adventures.
  • Keep your cats content by petting and feeding them, and monitor their happiness with a dedicated meter.
  • Utilize the gifts your cats bring to personalize and beautify your cats' room.
  • Dress up your cats with a variety of accessories, including hats, bows, and ID tags.

4. Furistas Cat Café

Furistas Cat Café Game

Furistas Cat Cafe is a mobile game that lets you manage your own cat cafe. In this game, you customize your cafe to create a cozy atmosphere for both customers and cats.

You can adopt cats, each with its own backstory and personality, and pair them with customers to maximize happiness. It offers a relaxing experience where you can build and run your dream cat cafe while learning about the feline residents.

Key Highlights

  • Adopt a diverse range of adorable cats, each with its own distinct personalities and traits.
  • Pair customers with their perfect cat companions, considering their unique preferences.
  • Decorate and style your cafe with charming furniture and accessories to create your dream aesthetic.
  • The cats in Furistas are inspired by real-life cats.
  • If you adore cats, this game is best, offering the joy of virtual kitties and the opportunity to run your very own cat cafe.

5. Castle Cats 

Castle Cats Game

Castle Cats is a mobile video game developed by PocApp Studios. Castle Cats is an engaging mobile game that allows you to take on the role of a guild leader in charge of a team of heroic cats.

Whether you want to progress actively through battles or passively in your pocket, the game offers a perfect blend of hero management, cat collection, and classic RPG storytelling. All of this is wrapped up in a charming and humorous package, and it's available for free.

Key Highlights

  • You can recruit and collect a wide variety of cats, each with its own unique appearance, skills, and personality.
  • It has over 200+ heroes with a wide range of abilities.
  • Collect over 100 different items for your leader and customize to your own liking.
  • It regularly hosts special in-game events that allow players to obtain unique and limited-edition cats and items.

6. Pocket Frogs 

Pocket Frogs Game

Pocket Frogs are unique cute animal collecting games like Neko Atsume where your primary goal is to build an extensive collection of colorful frogs. The game offers a mix of collecting, breeding, and mini-games to keep players engaged for hours.

At the start of the game, you receive two frogs, a basic dirt habitat, and some coins. However, “Pocket Frogs” offers a vast amount of content and challenges. With hundreds of levels and a seemingly endless variety of frogs, habitats, and supplies, you'll always have something to work towards.

Key Highlights

  • The core gameplay revolves around collecting a wide variety of colorful frogs.
  • You can breed frogs to create new and unique frog species with different characteristics.
  • Create and customize habitats for your frogs, each offering a different backdrop and experience.
  • Choose from a wide range of habitat options, from simple to abstract, with some exclusives for VIP members.
  • Players of all ages can enjoy the game due to its captivating gameplay and bright graphics.
  • It is available for free, with optional in-app purchases for added content and convenience.

7. Tsuki Odyssey

Tsuki Odyssey Game

Tsuki Odyssey is a passive adventure game that invites you to step into the whimsical world of Tsuki and the eccentric residents of Mushroom Village. In this tranquil journey, you can decorate your homes, foster new friendships, engage in leisurely fishing activities, and partake in various charming adventures.

It's essential to understand that Tsuki isn't a pet; rather, Tsuki is a free-spirited character who roams and interacts with the game world independently. By checking in regularly, players might chance upon unexpected and thrilling events unfolding within the town.

Key Highlights

  • The game is intended for mature audiences.
  • Interact with the various oddball characters who inhabit Mushroom Village and build relationships with them.
  • Engage in fishing activities to catch a variety of fish, adding an element of relaxation.
  • Checking in frequently can lead to discovering new and exciting events and developments in the town.
  • You can observe and enjoy Tsuki's adventures at your own pace.

8. Secret Cat Forest

Secret Cat Forest Game

Secret Cat Forest is one of the games like Neko Atsume but has lots more expansions of areas and goodies to buy. It is a calm and relaxing game where you create a welcoming space for cats to visit.

In this game, you can craft furniture, tap trees to build items, fish for food, and receive gifts, all in the hope of attracting adorable cats. The game offers delightful animations and graphics with a real-time day-night cycle.

Key highlights

  • Include easy and intuitive controls for a user-friendly experience.
  • The game operates on a real-time day and night cycle, adding a touch of realism.
  • It offers a diverse collection of dozens of adorable cats.
  • You can enjoy the cutest animations and stunning moving backgrounds.
  • The game also provides cloud-saving functionality linked to Google Play game service for seamless progression and data storage.

9. Alpaca World

Alpaca World Game

Alpaca World is a unique game that differs significantly from Neko Atsume. It's an alpaca collection game where you venture into the wild with your alpacas to battle other wild alpacas, gaining levels and valuable items. You can capture new alpacas, purchase accessories, and even breed baby alpacas.

The game offers both fun and addictive gameplay, making it enjoyable to collect and care for your colorful alpaca companions as they frolic in the hills.

Key highlights

  • Collect a variety of adorable alpacas, each with its own unique appearance and characteristics.
  • Collect valuable items like colored wool during your alpaca adventures, which can be sold in the in-game town.
  • Use the rope to capture new alpacas and expand your alpaca farm.
  • Purchase accessories to dress up and customize your alpacas in fun and unique ways.
  • It offers a fun and light-hearted gaming experience suitable for players of all ages who appreciate cute and quirky virtual pets.


What type of game is Neko Atsume?

Neko Atsume is a cat collector game where players can't interact with the cats directly. Instead, they set out toys and food in their yard, hoping to attract and collect a variety of adorable feline visitors. The game focuses on observing and collecting these virtual cats without direct interaction, offering a unique and relaxing gaming experience.

What games are like Neko Atsume?

Games similar to Neko Atsume involve KleptoCats, Tsuki's Odyssey, Pocket Frogs, Secret Cat Forest, Alpaca World and some others mentioned in the above article.