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8 Top Games like Contexto: Expand Your Mind [2024]

8 Top Games like Contexto: Expand Your Mind [2024]

Games like Contexto: Today, when it’s so hard to be creative at your own pace to keep up with this fast-forward world, you need something like a push to your brain so that it can continue to work and keep you balanced with the ever-growing trends and technology. 

Now, for the same reason we have some popular games like Contexto which are here to expand your mind, make you more productive daily, and help you exercise your brain. 

Contexto is an AI-based system that sorts words according to how similar they are to the secret word. The game helps you train your brain, find similar words, secret words – and you never know, you could be a prodigy in word games!

Contexto has unlimited guesses and is certainly quite interesting, but, what if you are interested in something different then we have just the right list of the top games like Contexto mentioned in this article!

List of Games like Contextooo:

1. Semantle 

Semantle Games like Contexto

Semantle is another guessing game where every guess is given a specific rating on how close it is to the secret word. This game is specifically for those who wish to directly jump at the hard levels of word games.

In Semantle, the goal is simple – you have to guess the secret word. You can type in words of any size and type. It’s a spinoff of a popular word game that can give your brain a good push-up for daily exercise.

Key Highlights

  • Random target words – Semantle has a huge list of random targeted words which will be picked for you randomly. Also, the game uses words according to the meaning of the word, and not the spelling.
  • Google's word2vec database – Semantle has a huge space of words driven from Google's word2vec database where words are located by semantics or Contexto. 
  • Play with friends – since Semantle can get quite challenging if you find it too hard to solve on your own, then you can also take help from your friends or check other communities for hints. 

2. Wordle

Wordle Game

Wordle is a globally famous web-based word game – the most similar game to the original word game that asks you to guess a territory or country based on a picture of its borders/outline.

Unlike the other game we talked about, Wordle here gives you only 6 chances to guess a 4 to 11-letter word. It comes with unlimited words and you also have the option to customize your own puzzles.

Key Highlights

  • Challenging – you only have 6 chances to guess the word which can mean any territory or country from 100s across the world!
  • Your choices – the game allows you to choose a word puzzle according to the number of letters in the world. For instance, you get to choose 4-letter words, 5-letter words, — all the way till 11-letter words. 
  • For Kids – there is a specific edition for kids that includes a dictionary for children till 8th grade and the word length starts from 3 letters. It’s highly recommended for boosting memory and logical thinking. 

3. Quordle 

Quordle Game

If you are a regular at solving word quizzes, then trying Quordle for a change is a must, especially when you wish to check your improvement.

At Quordle, you have to put your best skills to work and solve 4 words together. You will be given 9 guesses in total to solve all the words and new content is updated regularly!

Key Highlights

  • Hard yet Interesting – no wonder Quordle is hard. You have to think, think wisely before adding a word to guess because that word will be applied to all four words puzzles! 
  • Improve your vocabulary – Quordle is a good tool to improve your English vocabulary and expand it efficiently.
  • Unlimited time – there is no limit to how much time you have to complete the puzzles. Take as much time as you need, think deeply, and win the game in one try!
  • No repeats – Quordle has unlimited levels and surprisingly — there are no repeats! 

4. Heardle 

Heardle Game

Heardle here is for those who wish to take challenges in music. It challenges all players to listen to an audio clip for a brief moment, of any popular song from famous streaming platforms and guess the artist and title correctly!

Heardle comes with a user-friendly UI where you will be given 6 tries to reveal the song. Heardle will reveal the first second of the song, and continue to do so second by second until you guess the title — or reach the end of your tries. 

Key Highlights

  • Personalization – Heardle allows you to choose the genre of the song you’d want to guess from K-pop, rock, classic, etc, and can also change the language. 
  • Status – Status is a unique feature in Heardle that lets you check your stats in the game, like what’s your winning rate, how many puzzles you have won, what’s your daily streak, etc.
  • MCQ – Heardle gives you 4 options to choose from, similar to multiple-choice questions. 

5. Nerdle 

Nerdle Game

As the name suggests, Nerdle is for all the math nerds out there. It’s a math puzzle game including numbers where you’ll be given 6 chances to guess. However, instead of words, you’ll have to use operators and numbers to complete the formula.

Nerdle has new challenges for you regularly and comes with a simple UI where numbers will change color if they’re locked at the right or wrong place accordingly. 

Key Highlights

  • Commutative answers – as a beginner, if you’re finding Nerdle hard, then you can switch on the ‘commutative answers’ option in the settings where even if the answer is 5+10=15, the app will accept 10+5=15 as the answer.
  • Numbers and Operators – you are allowed to use any number from 0 to 6 along with operators such as +, x,/, *, etc.
  • Built-in calculator – there’s an extremely helpful built-in calculator which acts like a promising assistant whenever you need to calculate anything quickly in the game. 

6. Framed 

Framed Gae

Framed is a noir-themed puzzle game, a multi-award winning game in which the players have to rearrange panels of a random animated comic book to make an alternate ending of the story.

Framed is one of the most interesting brain games where you will experience the role of a narrative changing the parts of the story for an alternate outcome. For instance, when there was a happy ending – you could change it to a sad ending! 

Yes, Framed is not exactly a word game, but it does have certain similarities and is quite interesting – especially if you wish to have fun improving through comics! 

Key Highlights

  • Unique – Framed is a truly unique experience where beautifully handcrafted and award-winning art and animation will be offered to you.
  • Thrill and excitement – The provocative music score that features a live jazz performance will fuse the excitement within you and keep you motivated. 
  • Simple UI – Framed has been awarded multiple times for its UI and design where the gameplay only includes you swapping images on the screen according to the outcome and change you have in mind. 

7. Foodle 

Foodle Game

Foodle — the name says it’s all! Foodle is for those who have extreme knowledge of food or love food genuinely. The game has one puzzle per day for you and it challenges players worldwide.

Moreover, just because the puzzle is about food doesn’t mean you’ll be able to describe the food correctly. With just 6 tries in hand – you’ll have to make every word count as a valid 5-letter word.

Key Highlights

  • Color-changing – The color-changing tiles feature in the game is very helpful where if the letter is on the correct spot, it’ll turn green, and vice versa for the wrong spot, where the color will turn yellow. The gray color will be seen if the word is nowhere in the word. 
  • 2 rounds – Foodle is a game of 2 rounds where the first round will include the first person describing the food and the second one guessing it, while the second round will change the positions between the first round answerer and questioner.

8. Waffle 

Waffle Game

Waffle is your daily word game where you get to rearrange letters and form correct words. With every puzzle won, you’ll be getting stars and you can also learn hundreds of definitions for all the words you came across in the game.

Waffle sounds like a simple word game but you only get 15 or fewer moves to solve the puzzle. Also, they say – every Waffle daily word puzzle must take at least 10 moves, do you agree? If no, then the challenge and prove them wrong! 

Key Highlights

  • Swap and move – Waffle is a very simple game where you will be given a puzzle in the shape of a waffle and you’ll have to swap and move letter tiles to get the word. 
  • Learn Definitions – Waffle will help you understand hundreds of definitions with every new level unlocked daily.
  • Stats — the stats page in the game helps you understand your improvement in the game. You’ll know how many moves you’re taking on average to solve puzzles. 

Final Words 

There are plenty of other word games with different themes and gameplay out there, but if you wish to cut short your search for the best word games – then you must try the games from our list mentioned above!

Moreover, word games aren’t a daily routine for millions, they might not even hold value for most of us, but if you wish to be productive and bring improvement in your activities, then trying these apps at least on alternate days is your answer! 

With this, we have successfully presented our list of the best games like Contexto and hope you now know which word game you should try next!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Contexto unlimited?

Yes! There’s a Contexto Unlimited word puzzle game where you get to train your brain regularly without any limitations on puzzle numbers.

Are there more games like Contexto and Wordle?

Yes, Nerdle, Foodle, Waffle, Framed, Quordle, Semantle, and Heardle are a few of the top games like Contexto and Wordle.