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FeetFinder vs Foap: Which Is Better? [2024]

FeetFinder vs Foap: Which Is Better? [2024]

FeetFinder vs Foap: whether you are from the foot fetish community or the photographer's community – while searching for legitimate platforms for business, you might have heard about two popular platforms from both industries being highly compared: FeetFinder vs Foap.

While FeetFinder allows users to sell and buy feet pics, Foap here is a fair platform for selling stock photos and videos, where you can show off your photography skills proudly.

As you might have already guessed, FeetFinder and Foap are two entirely different platforms, they do not relate to one another at any point, and there is nothing to compare between them. 

However, since many of you are still interested to know the differences between them, we are going to present a clear comparison between FeetFinder vs Foap to give you a clear idea of what they are and how they can be differentiated, in the article below. 

FeetFinder vs Foap: Introduction


FeetFinder is a unique platform where all verified users with a foot fetish get to sell and buy videos and pictures of their feet. It claims to offer a safe environment where you can take the advantage of an anonymous profile and buy feet pics from a variety of options.

FootFinder is a marketplace, a secure platform for people with foot fetishes. You can put up your feet pics for sale, the same goes for the videos, and can even buy from other verified users with secured payments. 

FeetFinder vs Foap


Foap is a popular platform for all photography, especially if you wish to make real money out of selling your pictures. It helps you make money by uploading your picture collection and selling it to users who need it along with well-known brands globally. 

In simple words, Foap is a marketplace where you can show off your photography and sell pictures — while you can also search for pictures and videos for your brand, project, or other similar purposes from well-known and skilled photographers.

Foap vs FeetFinder

FeetFinder vs Foap: Purpose 


FeetFinder has a clear purpose – it’s a marketplace where it allows verified foot fetish users to explore feet pictures and videos from a good assortment of categories, and buy them for a reasonable price.

Likewise, those who wish to sell their feet pictures can also join the community and upload feet pictures and videos in a mixture of forms. Whenever anyone buys the picture, they’ll be paid the said money. 


Foap here is a community for photographers. In case you love to explore around, exploring different topics like food, nature, historical places, etc, and have a good hand in photography and videography, then Foap will help you reach out to potential customers.

Foap is a professional platform where you just don’t upload your content and wait for the users to reach out to you, but you can also try multiple marketing ways to reach out to users first – and you can also work harder to get noticed by popular brands such as Kinder and Chobani.

FeetFinder vs Foap: What can you Sell? 


Since FeetFinder is only for foot content, you can only share your feet pictures and videos, unless you are interested in trying some other trends on the website.


Foap doesn’t limit you on uploading a specific category or topic picture unless we are talking about one of its missions. 

On Foap, you can upload anything – even if the picture includes two girls playing in a slum area, or a video of you savoring a delicious spaghetti dish in one of the famous Paris restaurants. 

FeetFinder vs Foap: Earnings and Fees


There is not a set amount you will earn through FootFinder because foot content can come in different varieties and quality, and since every seller will have different content to offer – the earnings will depend on it accordingly.

Moreover, FeetFinder says you can sell a foot picture for $22 and a video for $19 on average. The picture prices start from $5 and end at $1000 mostly, but can also go on increasing depending on the picture or video value.

As for the fees and commissions – FeetFinder is free to explore and use for buyers, but sellers will be charged with certain subscription plans as follows:

  • Quarterly subscription plan – $14.99
  • Annual subscription plan – $19.99
  • Lifetime subscription plan – $49.99


The earnings on Foap are not set. You can get $5 for a photo, and if you increase the quality, you can even get $7 or $10 for the same. It totally depends on your photography skills and the quality of the pictures, and the perspective you are shooting. 

As for the fees and commission — Foap takes 50% of your earnings from every sale you make. If you earn $10 for an image, then you’ll get $5, and if you sell a video for $20, you’ll get $10 transferred to your account. 

For buyers, Foap has three subscription plans to offer from each image and videos category, as follows:


  • Starter plan – $190 per month or $2050 per year
  • Professional plan – $390 per month or $4210 per year
  • Enterprise plan – starts from $1190 per month


  • Starter plan – $290 per month or $3130 per year
  • Professional plan $490 per month or $5280 per year
  • Enterprise plan – starts from $1190 per month

FeetFinder vs Foap: Safety


There is no wonder with its purpose and content it sells, that it will not get negative criticism from people. However, despite all the criticism and controversies – FeetFinder is still a genuine and trusted platform for foot fetishes. 


Foap is a professional and real platform. It guarantees you 100% safety, and according to the majority of the users using the platform, Foap is a safe site to share your pictures and videos. 

FeetFinder vs Foap: Pros and Cons



  • All the users, both sellers and buyers on the platform are verified so there are very less chances of scams and fraud.
  • The platform offers a good variety of categories to choose from – and you get a good number of options. 
  • It offers a free gallery that allows you to explore all the pictures and videos which are available to view and use for free. 
  • You can slide into the seller's DM and request a custom foot picture or video. 


  • You’ll have to pay a hefty amount for a better-quality foot pic. 
  • Videos are sold for a comparatively lesser price, even when they require more work in editing and shooting. 



  • The platform allows you to rate pictures and videos to make Foap a better and safe platform for all. 
  • The app is systematic – it has a different page for all your recently sold pictures and videos, and another for all the recently added content. 
  • It allows you to create a professional profile that will talk to users about your personality, photography skills, and everything they need to know. 
  • The missions from the platform help you win real money prizes. 
  • The platform is good to interact with well-known brands and be highlighted in a crowd. 


  • The platform, especially the app, seems to be having a lot of bugs and glitches, mostly when you try to upload good-quality pictures and videos.
  • You can only upload pictures through your smartphone. 

FeetFinder vs Foap: Which is Better?

Honestly, since FeetFinder and Foap are two different platforms, we can’t say which is better in comparison.

Additionally, although FeetFinder is quite a controversial platform, it’s still genuine – where you can make real money without much hard work.

Similarly, Foap is a trusted platform by millions where you can sell pictures and videos in a huge variety of niches. 

Also, Foap is way more professional than FeetFinder, even when they both are safe sites. Foap is for professional photographers, and you don’t call people only uploading pictures and videos of their feet on the Internet as professionals, do you?

In conclusion, it’s not quite fair to even compare FootFinder and Foap because they do not relate to each other in any manner. They are two totally different platforms, and the only similarity between the two could be that they both deal with pictures and videos – that’s all.

Therefore, if you are here to find a place to sell or buy foot pictures, then FeetFinder is a genuine website. On the other hand, if you only wish to make a few dollars out of selling photos and pictures of nature, food, etc, then Foap is your platform.

With this, we have come to the end of our comparison article between FeetFinder vs Foap, and hope you now know the real difference between them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really make money on Foap?

Yes, you can really make money on Foap because it is a legitimate platform that allows you to show off your photography to millions of users and brands who need good-quality pictures for their projects, brand, etc. 

Is FeetFinder genuine?

Yes, the FeetFinder website – for all foot fetishes, is a genuine marketplace where you can buy as well as sell your foot pictures and videos.