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FAFSA Website Not working: Try These 7 Steps To Fix It [2024]

FAFSA Website Not working: Try These 7 Steps To Fix It [2024]

FAFSA Website Not Working: FAFSA is a free application for Federal Students Aid for financial aid for college or graduate school. But many people have reported that the FAFSA website isn't functioning properly.

Are you not able to access the FAFSA website? Why is the FAFSA website not working? How to fix its problem? If you wish to find out the answers to all the above-mentioned questions, read the article below. 

FAFSA Website Not Working

FAFSA website may not be working for several reasons. The first assumption can be that there are some issues rising from the FAFSA’s main servers.

FAFSA Website Not working

Why is FAFSA Website Not Working?

There can be many reasons why the FAFSA website has stopped working for users. We highly suggest you try one of the below mentioned causes that can be applicable,

  • Your network connection may not be working properly.
  • The FAFSA website might be down due to some temporary service outage.
  • The device may have an excess of cookies and a corrupted cache.
  • It is possible that the device you're using has a VPN switched on.

Is FAFSA down?

If you wish to check whether FAFSA is temporarily down, First of all, visit the Downdetector website to check if the FAFSA website is down and check for any FAFSA’s outages.

Check Reddit, Forums and Twitter 

You can try visiting discussion forums like Reddit and Quora or social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see if they are discussing the FAFSA’s website not working issue.

Even if you are not able to identify the particular problem or its cause, you will at least know what other people are doing in a similar situation.

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You can also try out the general troubleshooting solutions below and solve your issue.

Fix 1: Check Internet Connection

Make sure the internet connection is turned on and receive enough network. If it is not receiving enough network, you can try turning the data connection off and on again after a short while.

If it doesn't work, you may also reboot the device or turn it on and off again to get a stable network.

Fix 2: Clear Cache and Browser History

Sometimes the site doesn't work correctly because unwanted data gets stored in the browser, preventing you from accessing certain websites. It is best in this situation to clear the app's cache. To clear FAFSA’S Cache and browser history, follow the instructions given below,

For Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome and select the three dots that are stacked in a vertical line.
  2. Tap on More tools and select Clear browsing data.
  3. Now select All time to clear cache and browser history for all time.
  4. Check the boxes next to beside Cached images and files and Cookies and other side data to clear everything.

For Safari

  1. To clear history and cookies, Open Safari and select the Settings option.
  2. Select Clear history and website data.
  3. To clear your cookies and store your history, Go back to the Settings menu and select Safari.
  4. Then select Advanced website data and Remove all website data options.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Select the three horizontal lines and select Options.
  2. Tap on the Privacy & Security panel.
  3. Select Clear Data under Cookies and Site Data.
  4. Remove the check mark next to Cookies and Site Data.
  5. With Cached Web Content checked, select the Clear button.

Fix 3: Use Different Browser

If the browser you currently use to access the FAFSA website may not be compatible with it, you can try to switch to another browser and try opening the FAFSA website again.

Fix 4: Update Browser

If you don't update your browser when it needs updating, you will certainly face issues when using it. Therefore, update your browser before returning to the FAFSA website.

Fix 5: Disable VPN

If your device has a VPN turned on, then the FAFSA website will not work. So, turn it off and try accessing FAFSA again.

Fix 6: Check Server

If several people have this problem, then the problem is at FAFSA's end. In this situation, you have to wait for a while till the problem gets fixed.

Fix 7: Contact N Customer Support 

If none of these solutions worked, you can get in touch with FAFSA’s customer support through a call at 1-800-433-3243 and describe to the customer service agent exactly where you see the issue message during the FAFSA process. They can help you quickly as a result of this.

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Final Words

These are some solutions that can help you fix the FAFSA website not working issue. We hope this guide has provided solutions for all FAFSA website issues that you are facing while using it. 


Why does my FAFSA keep saying error?

This error often occurs when you put the student's FSA ID in a parent field or vice versa. That's the first thing you should check. If you verified that the information is correct, and you're still getting an error, you can call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-433-3243 for FSA ID assistance.

Does your FAFSA account expire?

Your FSA ID username and password do not expire. Only when your account has to be recovered or when a security event occurs will you be asked to change your password.