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F1 TV Code BM2001 [How to Fix 2024]

F1 TV Code BM2001 [How to Fix 2024]

F1 TV Code BM2001: F1, with the long form Formula One or 1, is well-known and the highest class of international racing for single-seater formula racing cars. The FIA Formula One World Championship is one of the premier forms of racing across the globe since its season back in 1950.

Now, coming to the main topic, we are here to talk about its online services offered through the official website and app. The main highlight of these is that you can watch live races along with more content, but, like any other platform, the F1 app is also currently facing an error problem.

We are talking about the F1 TV Code BM2001 which doesn't allow users to stream content on the app. However, if you are here with the same problem, then it’s time to drop worries because the article below contains some helpful troubleshooting methods to solve the problem.

What is the F1 TV Code BM2001?

The F1 TV Code BM2001 error code seems to be appearing whenever you try to stream anything on its app. It comes with an error message and once you receive it, there’s no way you are moving forward with the streaming.

Unfortunately, there is no specific cause or solution for this problem, yet, we still managed to predict some of its causes, and they are as follows:

  • You might be using a VPN.
  • Your app might be attacked by a minor bug or glitch.
  • Your language settings might be altered to some other language except English.

How to Fix: F1 TV Code BM2001

Disable VPN

If you have a VPN switched on, just know that the majority of VPNs use unprotected networks to connect you with websites and platforms illegally, which is not accepted by many sites and apps, and that might be the case with the F1 app.

Therefore, you must disable your VPN and use a legal and protected network to stream on the F1 app.

Delete and Reinstall the App

At times, your app might be attacked by a minor bug or glitch, and it can easily cause an error problem.

To solve this, the simplest way is to delete the app and reinstall it from the App Store or Google Play Store, respectively.

Change Your Language to English

If you are using the app with language Settings altered to some other language except international English, then that might create issues for some users.

So, assuming that you are one of those users, we suggest you change your language settings to international English and try again. 

Contact F1 Customer Care

When no troubleshooting method above is capable of solving the problem, it’s time you turn to its customer care services. 

Yes, we are suggesting you contact F1 customer care and explain to them what’s bothering you. To do so, you can call +1-888-326-5430 or email [email protected]

If not, then you can also approach them through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter (now X). 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the F1 BM2001 error when streaming?

The F1 BM2001 error appears when you are streaming F1 content, and it can be caused by a VPN, a bug or glitch in the app, or due to your language being something else but English. 

How to fix the F1 TV app error code BM2001?

To fix the F1 TV app error code BM2001, switch off the VPN, delete and reinstall the F1 app, change your language to English, or contact its support services.