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How to Fix: Epic Games Error Code 502 [2024]

How to Fix: Epic Games Error Code 502 [2024]

Epic Games Error Code 502: Epic Games is an American-based software developer and video game publisher, a place for gamers to download and play PC games, find thousands of free games as well as paid, MODs, etc.

Since it is one of the popular platforms for gamers worldwide, it has thousands of users using its platform regularly, and in fact, it has been doing a very good job serving all the gamers, except for the past few days, when we started hearing gamers facing the Epic Games Error Code 502. 

This Error Code is not allowing many users to operate the Epic Games systems, but, we have more than 5 solutions to solve the ‘Epic Games Error Code 502’ issue, and if you wish to know them, then you must dive right into the article below!

What is the Epic Games Error Code 502?

The Epic Games Error Code 502 appears on any browser, operating system, or any other device, and is an HTTP status error code. 

According to the Mozilla developer – this error means that the system working as a gateway to provide you with the response has received an invalid response, which also means: the issue is temporary and without a clear cause.

Epic Games Error Code 502

How to Fix: Epic Games Error Code 502

Try Again

Since the issue is temporary, it might have been caused by some small glitches and bugs in the Epic Games’ main servers. 

Therefore, we highly suggest you try again and reload the Epic Games system at least 3 to 4 times and check if the issue is resolved.

Wait for Sometime

In case trying a couple of times didn’t help, then you can try again after waiting for some time.

Again, if the issue is small and caused by minor bugs and glitches, then waiting for some time and trying again can kick the bug out automatically. 

Relaunch the Game Launcher

Refreshing the game launcher can get rid of all the minor issues in the system. To refresh the game launcher systematically, you can follow the few simple steps given below:

  1. Quit from the Epic Games launcher system.
  2. Wait for a couple of minutes.
  3. Relaunch the Epic Games launcher.

Note: for better results, you can also try refreshing the Epic Games launcher’s main screen after relaunching – and then moving forward with your work.

Restart the Device 

Restarting the device will again ask you to follow certain steps, but restarting your device will not only solve this error but also other bugs, that is if the system has any. To restart your device, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Quit from the Epic Games launcher and from all the other tabs and apps opened on the device.
  2. Switch off the device.
  3. Disconnect your Wi-Fi router from its main power source.
  4. Wait for a couple of minutes.
  5. Switch on the Internet connection and your device.
  6. Restart the Epic Games launcher system.

Contact Epic Games Customer Care

Contacting Epic Games customer service is your very last option if none of the troubleshooting solutions mentioned in this article helped you.

To reach Epic Games customer service, you can visit its support page and click on the proper options and categories to reach your ideal answer. You can also search for the answer through the search bar. 

Additionally, you can also try reaching out to them on popular social media platforms like Facebook, by complaining through DM, or Twitter, by tweeting your problem and mentioning them, or by commenting below their latest video on YouTube. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix error 502?

If you are facing the error 502 on Epic Games, then restarting the device, relaunching the game launcher, waiting for a while, or trying again and again till the issue is solved, can solve the issue. 

Is error 502 temporary?

Yes, the error 502 on the Epic Games system is temporary, and by opting for some troubleshooting methods, you can solve the error problem. 

How to fix bad Gateway error code 502 Epic Games?

To fix bad Gateway error code 502 Epic Games, you can try relaunching the device, including the Epic Games launcher system all over again, refresh the Epic Games launcher system about 3 to 4 times, or directly opt for contacting its customer support.