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efootball Error C_gkcc_0065 [How to Fix]

efootball Error C_gkcc_0065 [How to Fix]

efootball Error C_gkcc_0065: Video games that simulate association football are called “efootball.” It is an exciting game that brings soccer fans into the virtual world of their favorite sport.

However, like any online game, it's not immune to occasional errors, and one that has been causing frustration is the cryptic c_gkcc_0065 error. If you're a devoted gamer looking for solutions to this issue, you're in the right place.

In this article, we'll explain about the efootball error c_gkcc_0065 causes and provide easy-to-follow solutions to get you back into the game.

What is efootball Error C_gkcc_0065?

When you encounter efootball error C_gkcc_0065, you'll see a message that says: “Network Error Occurred – An unexpected problem has occurred while communicating with the efootball 2024 server. CODE: C_GKCC_0065.”

This means there's a hiccup in the connection between your game and the efootball server.

efootball Error C_gkcc_0065

How to Fix: efootball Error C_gkcc_0065

Wait For A While 

Sometimes, the error may be temporary and due to server issues on the efootball side. The best initial step is to wait for a while and see if the problem resolves itself.

Reset Your Network Devices 

A common reason for connection problems is issues with your network equipment. Try turning off your modem and router, unplugging them for a few minutes, and then powering them back on. This can refresh your connection.

Check the Integrity of Your Game Files

Errors in the game files can also lead to this issue. Verify the integrity of your efootball game files, especially if you're using a PC gaming platform like Steam. This process helps ensure all game files are in proper working order.

Disable the Firewall 

Sometimes, overzealous firewall settings can block efootball's connection to the server. Temporarily disable your firewall and see if the error persists. Make sure to enable it again once you're done gaming for security.

Final Words

By following these steps, you can address efootball Error C_gkcc_0065 and resume enjoying your virtual soccer matches without interruption. If the problem continues, consider reaching out to efootball's official support for more specific guidance tailored to your situation.


How can I fix efootball error C_gkcc_0065?

To fix efootball Error C_gkcc_0065, you can start by waiting for a while, as it may be a temporary server issue. If the problem persists, reset your network devices, check your game files for integrity, and consider temporarily disabling your firewall, as it might be blocking the game's connection to the server.

What is efootball error C_gkcc_0065?

efootball error C_gkcc_0065 is a network error that occurs when there's an unexpected problem during communication between your game and the efootball 2024 server. This error can prevent you from accessing the game's online features and services.