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Dolce Vita vs Veja: Which Sustainable Sneaker Brand Will You Choose?

Dolce Vita vs Veja: Which Sustainable Sneaker Brand Will You Choose?

Since sustainability and eco-friendly brands have entered the market, we have had more safer options to choose from. Yes, the pricing for these sustainable brands can be a bit expensive, but if you can, and want to, then supporting sustainable brands is a fair choice.

Now, why are we suddenly talking about sustainability? Two of the popular and trusted sustainable brands, Dolce Vita and Veja, are currently being compared by many, and people want to know which of the two is a better option for them. 

So, are you here to know the same? Do you also want to know which of the two eco-friendly brands is a better option for you? If yes, then continue reading because the article below contains a thorough comparison of Dolce Vita vs Veja. 

Dolce Vita vs Veja: Overview

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita, founded in 2001, is a footwear brand, offering a variety of options and selections from categories like sneakers, sandals, heels, boots, accessories, and more.

With this brand, you are said to follow trends and leading fashion in the footwear industry and get yourself a pair or two made of organic and eco-friendly materials.

Dolce Vita


Veja, working in the sneaker industry since 2005, is known for manufacturing sneakers in a bit different manner – supporting full transparency by using eco-logical and organic materials. 

With this brand, of course, you will only get sneakers, but sneakers for men, women, kids, and running, with a special section for all the accessories related to sneakers.



Dolce Vita

Although Dolce Vita is still transforming to become a sustainable brand, the progress is clearly visible – where it uses recycled materials, eco-friendly synthetics and leather, and organic fibers in its products. 

Additionally, it has participated in multiple eco-friendly and sustainable projects and has transformed its packaging into 100% recycled packaging since June 2022. 


Compared to Dolce Vita, Veja offers more transparency. It has informed all its customers about its official production stages, the process, and the material it uses, all in a big article, including all the things you need to know about its support and participation in sustainability.

Additionally, according to the 2020 analysis, about 85% of the textiles and leather used by Veja can be considered environmentally preferred raw materials, mostly, including recycled PET and organic cotton.  


Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita is known to offer more than just one or two styles, which was expected since it offers a bunch of categories to explore and shop from.

To be more precise, you can meet with mostly casual and informal styles at Dolce Vita, while you can also get footwear for formal occasions and vacations. 

Moreover, Dolce Vita is also popular for offering trending selections and collections, such as Mesh, The Pearl Edit, Mary Janes, and more.


At Veja, you can find sneakers for almost the entire family, and although sneakers are supposed to be casual wear — you can work your brain a bit, restyle your preferences, and add sneakers with glam and formal looks because, well, it is a trend to wear sneakers at special occasions.


Dolce Vita

Pricing at Dolce Vita can be seen as reasonable, because while it has some cheap options, it also doesn’t raise the bar too expensive, and with all honesty, its average pricing range for sneakers between $100 to $200 as a sustainable brand is a good move.


Compared to Dolce Vita, Veja offers its products at a bit higher prices, which we think is to be expected since it specifically focuses on the creation of sneakers.

As for the pricing range, the average is from $200 to $300, which we know is a legit $100 raise from Dolce Vita, but with all the efforts they put into manufacturing your sneakers, this much is acceptable.

Comfort, Build, & Fit

Dolce Vita

We have seen countless reviews and good ratings about Dolce Vita sneakers, where hundreds of customers mentioned that they are comfortable and best for daily use.

Additionally, the fitting was also praised by many, and as for the build, it is sturdy given that Dolce Vita specializes in footwear, and they usually use rubber for the outsole and recycled textile lining. 


Since we are specifically talking about sneakers made of sustainable materials, comfort has to be the top priority, with a strong and good build, and as for the fitting – many praised the brand for a good ideal fitting.

Additionally, the insoles and outsoles are usually made of a combination of materials like Amazonian rubber, sugarcane, organic cotton, synthetic rubber, and more.

Final Words: Which Is Better For You?

After analyzing all the highlights and headlines mentioned in the above article, it is clear that while Dolce Vita does a pretty good job of offering you good quality and sustainably made sneakers, Veja just seems to be a couple of steps ahead of it. 

To justify that statement – Dolce Vita is transparent about what materials it uses and its transformation from a normal brand to a sustainable brand, but Veja happens to be a bit more transparent, and with that huge-page article we read about its production and materials, we were clear about its ranking in the sustainable footwear brands. 

Talking about comfort, we think that Veja offers a bit more comfort than Dolce Vita, but you never know because everyone has different foot shapes and opinions, and also a different definition of ‘comfort’ and ‘good fit’. 

In the end, the decision is yours, and to make it easier for you to decide – we think that you should decide which brand is better for you while taking your budget into account.

So, if you want an affordable brand, then Dolce Vita is your option, but if you want more collections and can spend a bit extra bucks, then Veja is recommended. 

That is all from our side, and hope our comparison of Dolce Vita vs Veja was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Dolce Vita or Veja more expensive?

The pricing gap between Dolce Vita and Veja is by $100 on average, so Veja is more expensive than Dolce Vita, where Dolce Vita ranges from $100 to $200 and Veja ranges from $200 to $300 on average. 

Is Dolce Vita or Veja more comfortable?

Honestly, we have a mixed opinion on this, but since we are talking about sneakers, we think that Veja is a bit more comfortable than Dolce Vita because firstly, it specializes in sneakers, and secondly, it uses a good bunch of materials for different parts of the sneakers, whereas Dolce Vita only uses a couple of them.