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Does Victoria’s Secret Support Israel Or Palestine? [2024]

Does Victoria’s Secret Support Israel Or Palestine? [2024]

Victoria's Secret is a well-known brand in the lingerie and beauty industry, founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond. The iconic lingerie brand finds itself entangled in the complex and complicated web of the Israel palestine conflict. But everyone is stuck on a question does Victoria’s secret support Israel or palestine?

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Does Victoria's Secret Support Israel Or Palestine?

Victoria's Secret has not issued any official statements regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The brand appears to maintain a policy of neutrality on such a sensitive topic of israel-palestine conflict.

Israel and Victoria's Secret

Business Sale

Victoria's Secret has no official stores or direct operations in Israel.

Victoria's Secret’s products may be available through online retailers or third-party distributors in Israel.

Cultural Context

Israeli society is diverse and complex, with varying attitudes towards the Victoria's Secret brand. 

However, some people may appreciate its products and marketing, while others might criticize it for its portrayal of beauty standards or cultural insensitivity.

Indirect Relationship

Victoria's Secret sourced some products from Israeli companies like Delta Galil, which has sparked criticism from pro-Palestinian activists advocating boycotts of companies doing business with Israel.

Moreover, Victoria's Secret's involvement with such companies and their stance on the conflict remain unclear.

This could be seen as neutrality to avoid the impact of supporting a particular group. Furthermore, engaging in political issues will be risky for Victoria's Secret, its profits, and its shareholders. 

Victoria's Secret and Palestine

Consumer Boycott

Some pro-Palestinian activists have called for boycotts of Victoria's Secret due to their alleged connections with Israeli companies and concerns over their marketing practices.

The activists felt that Victoria's Secret has a direct connection with Israel and supports its economy.


The question still remains unanswered and the lack of an official statement from Victoria’s secret leaves room for interpretation and debates worldwide. 

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Is Victoria Secret pro-Palestine?

There is no or less evidence of victoria secret directly supporting palestine or the palestine cause, making it difficult to conclude the answer to the question, “Does Victoria Secret supports palestine”

Is Victoria Secret pro-Israel?

Victoria Secret is not known for having openly endorsed any political cause or taking a position on the Israel-Palestine issue. It is hard to say with certainty 
“Does Victoria Secret support Israel” because they haven't made any official declarations or taken any concrete steps in that direction.