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Does Unilever Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Unilever Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Unilever is a fast-moving consumer goods company. It is a globally known brand, founded in 1929 in the UK. It operates a good list of subsidiaries, creating everyday and special sustainable products filled with hygiene, nutrition, and personal care.

Now why are we suddenly talking about Unilever? Among the many multinational brands, Unilever is also involved in rumors related to the ongoing Israel and Palestine war, where people are asking questions like – does Unilever support Israel or Palestine?

So, does Unilever support Israel? No? Then, does Unilever support Palestine? If you’re not sure what to answer, then continue reading because this article contains all the answers you'd wanna know. 

Does Unilever Support Israel or Palestine?

From what we know, Unilever has chosen to openly maintain its balanced stand in the Israel and Palestine war, where it clearly stated in one of its official statements that it is looking forward to making a positive impact on Israel’s economy and society.

Unilever further added that it hopes that the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians resolve soon and they both seek peace.

However, this was back in 2022, and as of the recent news, Unilever has sold off all its rights to the ice cream subsidiary and has stopped sales in Israel, as of November 2024. 

To be exact – Unilever doesn’t seem to be siding with any countries since it hasn’t hinted towards anything openly or directly supporting any country, instead, it wants to maintain a balanced position in the war. 

Unilever Official Statement on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

As already mentioned above, Unilever has only offered one official statement on the Israel and Palestine war, and that was in June 2022 when it started a subsidiary in Israel and hoped that the issue of conflict would be resolved soon.

Boycott Movement Against Unilever

Unilever is officially mentioned on the boycott list and is boycotted along with almost all its subsidiaries globally by millions. 

Unilever & Israel

Unilever has a widespread influence and presence in Israel, with many of its subsidiaries offering their products and services throughout the country.

As for Unilever’s views on the ongoing Israel and Palestine conflict, it has chosen to not side with either of the countries and is openly maintaining a neutral stance. 

Unilever & Palestine

Unlike Israel, Unilever has no presence in Palestine with none of its subsidiaries working in Palestinian regions.

Talking about its views on the ongoing conflict involving Palestine, it has chosen to take a neutral stand and offer support to both regions.

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Final Words 

To summarize this article – we don’t have any prominent evidence to prove the rumors that Unilever is supporting Israel, and Unilever has openly taken the neutral stand, so it is not taking sides, and simply doing its business. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Unilever Pro Israel?

Unilever has chosen to openly declare its neutral stance in the ongoing Israel and Palestine war, so it is safe to think it is pro-Israel. 

Is Unilever Pro Palestine?

Unilever has chosen to take a neutral stand in the ongoing Israel and Palestine conflict and declared that it wants peace for both regions. So, it is safe to consider it pro-Palestine.