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Does The Ordinary Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does The Ordinary Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

In the big world of buying and global problems, The Ordinary, a well-known makeup brand, is in the spotlight. 

People are talking because it's connected to some strong views supporting Israel, especially from a person named Ronald Lauder, linked to the big company Estee Lauder. 

This has everyone wondering if it's okay to keep buying from The Ordinary.

Does The Ordinary support Israel or Palestine?

To be clear, The Ordinary hasn't said anything about the complicated fight between Israel and Palestine. This makes it hard to know if they support one side or the other.

They haven’t declared any official support for either Israel or Palestine. They have been silent throughout the entire conflict.

Official Statements on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

They haven’t given any official statements in this situation. There are lots of debates and rumors going on over the social media platforms.

They might be staying quiet to avoid problems or just focusing on selling their makeup.

Boycott Movement Against The Ordinary

Not Happy with The Ordinary: People Around the World: Because of the tough times in Palestine, there's a call to stop buying from companies connected to Israel. The Ordinary is on this list, especially for people in the Muslim community who care a lot about Masjid Al Aqsa.

Estee Lauder Connection: People are talking about Estee Lauder, the big company that owns The Ordinary. They're saying the person in charge, Ronald Lauder, supports Israel a lot. People are telling each other not to buy The Ordinary's products and not to work for Estee Lauder.

The Ordinary and Israel

Ronald Lauder's Ideas: People found out that Ronald Lauder might have some strong ideas supporting Israel and helping them take over land that belongs to Palestine. This makes people wonder about The Ordinary's connection to these ideas.

Showing Support: Because Estee Lauder, the big boss, might be showing support for Israel, people are discussing what it means for them when they buy The Ordinary's makeup. Is it okay to support a brand connected to these ideas?

The Ordinary and Palestine

Stopping Buying from Israel: People feel they need to stop buying things from Israel to help Palestine. The Ordinary is part of this conversation; people want to stand with Palestine during these hard times.

Helping Palestine: People believe that not buying from companies connected to Israel can show support for the people in Palestine who are facing a lot of problems. It's a way of saying, “We stand with you.”

Final Thoughts

Talking about The Ordinary's connection to Israel helps us understand a bigger problem. People have to think about their choices when they buy things. 

Is it okay to buy from a brand connected to a big problem? It's a hard question, and everyone has to decide for themselves.


Is The Ordinary Pro-Israel? 

The Ordinary hasn't said they support Israel, so we don't know. The answer to does The Ordinary support Support Israel is unclear.

Is The Ordinary Pro-Palestine? T

The Ordinary also hasn't said they support Palestine, so we're not sure about that either. The answer to does The Ordinary support Support Palestine is inconclusive.