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Does Temu Ship to Greece? [Answered 2024]

Does Temu Ship to Greece? [Answered 2024]

Does Temu Ship to Greece?: Temu is that brand that we are all interested in trying out. Not only is it exciting with its huge list of categories and millions of products, but also because it always has multiple promotional offers to help us save, even when it has the cheapest prices available.

Yet, it is sad that it doesn’t ship worldwide, and has only started shipping to some countries out of the US recently. So, do you know which country it ships to? There are many interested to know the answer to this question, including citizens from Greece.

Does Temu ship to Greece? Is it available in Greece? If you are interested to know the exact answer to these questions, then continue reading the article below. 

Does Temu Ship to Greece?

Yes, fortunately, Temu ships to Greece alongside a bunch of other European locations. 

Additionally, if you want to check if a specific item can be delivered to Greece, then you can add it to your cart and go to the checkout page — there, you will see if it is available for delivery, if yes, then what are the delivery options. 

How Much is the Shipping?

We were happy to say that most of the orders shipping from Temu to Greece are free of cost, only as long as you are opting for standard shipping. 

Moreover, Temu also offers express shipping for faster delivery, but, as expected, it comes with an additional charge of $12.90, and you can only save this sum if your order value exceeds $129.

How Long Does Temu Take to Ship to Greece?

As you might know, Temu offers standard shipping as well as express shipping. 

The estimated shipping time for standard shipping orders is 6 to 25 days. But, if you want the parcel to be delivered soon, then you can opt for express shipping as well, whose estimated shipping time depends on different factors.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Temu available in Greece?

Yes, Temu is available in Greece. It takes about 6 to 25 days to ship, and almost all the orders have free shipping unless you are opting for an express delivery. 

Does Temu ship to Europe?

Yes, fortunately, Temu has recently started shipping to a good bunch of Europe in countries including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands.