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Does Temu Deliver on Sundays? [2024]

Does Temu Deliver on Sundays? [2024]

Does Temu Deliver on Sundays? Temu is an online marketplace where China-based sellers sell and ship various products, directly to consumers in the United States and Canada.

Typically, it takes 8 to 25 days for a Temu order to get delivered through standard shipping and 1-3 days via express shipping. Now, a lot of people are wondering whether Temu delivers on Sundays or not.

If you also want to know about the same, bingo. In this article we’ve mentioned the solution to your ‘Does Temu Deliver on Sundays’ question.

Does Temu Deliver on Sundays

Basically, the answer is NO. Temu does not deliver on Sundays, which means its delivery days are Monday through Saturday.

Even though you have placed an order on Sunday, it’ll be shipped on Monday and the delivery time varies based on your location.

Here are a few reasons why Temu does not deliver on Sundays:

  • Sunday is a federal holiday in the United States.
  • The cost of shipping might be higher on Sundays.
  • A lot of people are on holiday on Sundays.
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Final Words:

Since Temu doesn’t deliver on Sunday, you can look for a different shipping option that offers Sunday delivery. Otherwise, you can contact Temu’s customer service to check if they can make your order an exception.


How long do Temu orders take to arrive?

Standard shipping takes 8 to 25 days and express shipping takes 1 to 3 days for the product to be delivered.

How much is shipping on Temu?

Standard shipping is free for all orders exceeding $20, but express shipping costs $12.90 for orders below $129.

How long does Temu take to ship to Canada?

Temu typically takes about two takes to ship your products to Canada.