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Does Panda Express Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Panda Express Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Panda Express is known for its American Chinese cuisine. It is a popular fast-food restaurant chain special in Chinese menu, also known as the biggest Asian restaurant chain in the US. Founded in 1983, it has more than 2000 locations. 

Keeping that apart, did you hear some rumors and questions like — does Panda Express support Israel? Does Panda Express support Palestine? 

Whether it is a yes or no from you — if you want to know more about the topic and the correct answer to the question – does Panda Express support Israel or Palestine? Then all you have to do is continue reading the article below.

Does Panda Express Support Israel or Palestine?

Panda Express has some indirect ties with Israel, and with no connection with Palestine.

However, Panda Express has been actively supporting the society welfare communities in the US with a goal to uplift the society. With recently donating $10 million, it has also not openly supported Israel or criticized Palestine.

Therefore, there is no prominent proof to support the claims that it is supporting Israel. As for the answer to the aforementioned question – it seems to be maintaining a neutral stance.

Panda Express Official Statement on The Israel-Palestine Conflict

Panda Express has released an official statement about donating money to American organizations to offer support worldwide, from which, some part also goes to the Asian countries.

But, it has not released any official statements on the Israel and Palestine conflict.

Boycott Movement Against Panda Express

Although there are a few connections between Panda Express and Israel, since it has been actively donating for society’s welfare and has not openly supported Israel, it is not available in the boycott list. 

Panda Express & Israel

While Panda Express has no restaurant in Israel, it also has extremely limited products available in the country — only available in the big supermarkets and specialty shops.

In addition to that, it has chosen to stay silent in the conflict and has not voiced its support towards Israel. 

Panda Express & Palestine

Compared to Israel, Panda Express has close to no connection in Palestine, and while it did not support Israel, it has not chosen to side with Palestinians either. 

Final Words 

In conclusion, we think that Panda Express is out of the issue, and although it has not talked about neutral peace openly, it might be secretly maintaining its balanced position. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Panda Express Pro Israel?

Although Panda Express has a few indirect ties with Israel, it has chosen not to speak about anything related to the conflict, and since it is not supporting Israel either, it might not be Israel pro-Israel.

Is Panda Express Pro Palestine?

Since Panda Express has no connections with Palestine whatsoever and has also chosen to stay silently, we don’t think it is pro-Palestine.