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Does Oral B Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Oral B Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Oral-B, a famous dental care brand under the bigger Procter & Gamble (P&G) company, is under examination for its role in the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

This article examines Oral-B's position, official statements, boycott calls, and relations with Israel and Palestine, trying to keep things straightforward.

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Does Oral B Support Israel or Palestine?

Oral B hasn’t come up with any official press release. People are still waiting for the brand to take any strict stand. 

This has given the public the perfect opportunity to create guesses and debates.

Official Stands on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Like many big companies, Oral-B doesn't take sides in geo-political matters. 

They haven't made any specific statements about the Israel-Palestine situation, following the general policy of not getting involved in politics.

Boycott Movements against Oral-B

While Oral-B is not the main focus of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement, some people suggest avoiding their products because of their connection to P&G, which has faced criticism for its dealings in Israel.

Oral-B and Israel

Investments and Collaborations:

  • Research and Development Center in Tel Aviv: Oral-B is part of P&G's investment in a Tel Aviv-based research center, showing a significant commitment to new ideas and technologies in the region.
  • Legal Issues: Oral-B faced legal problems, like a lawsuit in Israel, about how they label mouthwash. This made people worried about the way they use these products.

P&G's Bigger Involvements:

  • Engaging with Technology: P&G works with Israel's tech projects, making considerable contributions to the region's technological progress.
  • Ethical Concerns: P&G's connections to Avgol Nonwoven, a company in the Barkan Industrial Area, bring up questions about ethics. The stuff used in making products like Pampers is produced in areas that cause disagreements.

Oral-B and Palestine

Company Ventures and Challenges:

  • No Direct Presence: Oral-B doesn't have an official presence in Palestine, which means they are not directly involved in the region.
  • Other Options for Consumers: People concerned about ethics might consider other choices, like in-house supermarket brands, to avoid supporting companies with connections to conflicted areas.

Final Thoughts

Oral-B's role in the Israel-Palestine conflict is complicated, especially with its link to P&G. Even though they say they don't take sides, their ties with Israel and through P&G make people think. 

As discussions on what big companies should do grow, people are urged to make intelligent choices, considering the complex world Oral-B is part of.

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