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Does Olaplex Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Olaplex Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Olaplex is a popular hair care brand, offering a range of products to protect, repair, and strengthen your hair. It is known for treating all kinds of hair, from curly to straight, and damaged to full of split ends.

Overall, Olaplex is one of the trending brands currently, but do you know it is currently entangled in the Israel and Palestine war? Yes, It’s one of the brands under suspicion of supporting the oppressor, with many wanting to know – does Olaplex support Israel or Palestine?

So, does Olaplex support Israel? Or, does Olaplex support Palestine? If you don’t know the answers but want to find the truth, then continue reading because this article includes all the information you need to be updated about the brand's involvement in the war. 

Does Olaplex Support Israel or Palestine?

Although many individuals and groups suspect Olaplex of supporting Israel in the war, Olaplex has not officially shown its support towards Israel

Similarly, it didn't speak for Palestine either, so we don’t know if it supports Israel or Palestine — or wants to maintain a neutral stance. 

Olaplex Official Statement on Israel-Palestine Conflict

Olaplex has not offered any official statement, neither on the Israel and Palestine conflict nor on the rumors and speculation that it is supporting Israel. 

Boycott Movement Against Olaplex

Olaplex is mentioned in the official list of boycotting, because while it doesn’t have any official presence in Israel, it is still indirectly offering its services in the country. 

Olaplex & Israel

There is no official relation between Olaplex and Israel, and Olaplex doesn’t have any official stores or online services in the country.

However, you can still find some of its products available in Israel through third parties, which are not affiliated with Olaplex whatsoever.

About the war, Olaplex has chosen to not comment on the ongoing conflict, neither supporting Israel nor criticizing Palestine. 

Olaplex & Palestine

Unlike Israel, Olaplex is not connected to Palestine even through indirect connections, and there are low chances you will find Olaplex products in online stores in Palestine.

As for the war, Olaplex has chosen to keep silent about the conflict, neither voicing its support towards Palestine nor talking against Israel. 

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Final Words 

In the end, there is no prominent evidence to support the baseless rumors and speculations, and it is up to you to decide if you want to support Olaplex or try its alternative instead for now. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Olaplex Pro Israel?

We are not sure if Olaplex is pro-Israel or not because it only has an indirect presence in Israel through third parties, and it has also chosen not to openly support Israel in the war. 

Is Olaplex Pro Palestine?

We don’t think Olaplex is pro-Palestine because it doesn’t have any kind of connection with Palestine, and it has also not offered its support to Palestine openly in the war.