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Does Meijer Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Meijer Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Meijer is a well-known grocery store company, a supercenter chain majorly operating in the Midwestern US. Founded in 1934, it has been in business for almost a century and offers a variety of categories to shop from, with amazing deals and low prices. 

Overall, it is a good choice, but did you know it is entangled in rumors related to the Palestine and Israel conflict? Yes, it is, and many are also asking questions such as — does Meijer support Israel? Does Meijer support Palestine?

The Internet has many answers to these questions, but if you want to know a precise answer, then continue reading because this article mentions the perfect explanation to the question – does Meijer support Israel or Palestine?

Does Meijer Support Israel or Palestine?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to the aforementioned query, because while Meijer has not openly supported Israel or Palestine, it still sells products by companies that openly support the two. 

However, we did find an official source saying that among other well-known brands, Meijer has chosen to live in peace and wants cooperation between countries — so it might want to maintain a balanced position in the war.

Meijer Official Statement on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Meijer has not offered any kind of statement on the current conflict between Israel and Palestine. 

Boycott Movement Against Meijer

We did not see Meijer receiving a proper call for a boycott, but according to some individuals and groups in the boycott movement — if Meijer is still stocking up on products from Israel, which it is, then it has to be boycotted.

Meijer & Israel

While we don’t have Meijer operating in Israeli regions, we do have Meijer stocking up on products from different parts of the countries, including Israel. 

Apart from this, Israel also didn’t criticize Palestine or stand beside Israel in the war. 

Meijer & Palestine

Similar to Israel, Meijer doesn't have an official or franchised presence in the Palestinian market, and it also doesn't operate through third parties.

However, it might be using some sourcing skills from the Palestinian regions and communities, while we also have its parent company helping out for society's welfare — indirectly supporting Palestine. 

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Final Words 

To conclude, Meijer has not directly supported Israel or Palestine, so it wouldn’t be safe to say it is either supporting Israel or Palestine based on some baseless evidence and for all you know, it might be maintaining a neutral stance in the conflict. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Meijer Pro Israel?

Meijer stocks are on products from various countries, some being from Israel. But, since it has not directly supported Israel, we can’t say for sure if it is pro-Israel or not. 

Is Meijer Pro Palestine?

It is highly unlikely that Meijer is pro-Palestine because while it doesn’t have any presence in Palestinian regions, it has also not voiced its support towards Palestine in the war.