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Does Mango Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Mango Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Mango founded in 1984 by brothers Isak Andic and Nahman Andic is a Spanish clothing design and manufacturing company 

In October 2024, Mango temporarily closed all its stores in Israel except for four. But, Mango's stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has yet to be declared.

If you are interested in Mango's beneficiaries, please read the article to its end.

Does Mango Support Israel or Palestine?

It is challenging to state whether Mango supports Israel or Palestine, as the company itself hasn't made any official statements.

Mango and Israel


Mango operated in Israel through a franchise partnership, meaning they licensed their brand and business model to a local company. 

Business Risk

In October 2024, nearly all Mango stores in Israel temporarily closed due to the Israel-Palestine War. The company decided to reduce risks and protect the brand's identity.

Mango thought that the present conflict, with the potential for boycotts and protests, could pose security risks for Mango's employees and stores.

Current Situation

Presently, only four Mango stores remain open in Israel. The long-term future of Mango's operations in Israel is still being determined. 

The company hasn't made any official announcements and will likely keep monitoring the situation before deciding.

However, Taking a side in the complex Israeli-Palestinian conflict could hurt Mango's brand image globally, leading to consumer backlash in other markets.

Mango and Palestine

Business in Palestine

Mango doesn't currently have any stores or consumers in Palestine. This lack of direct economic activity makes it hard to support Palestine.

Indirect Connection

Some argue that Mango's franchise partnership in Israel, a country with complex relations with Palestine, might indirectly benefit the Israeli economy. 

However, this connection needs more clear confirmation.

Providing Human aid

Some organizations operate under the “Mango” involved in providing

human aid in various countries, it might provide Palestine also.


Analyzing the available evidence, it's challenging to locate Mango's specific stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

Their store closures are likely primarily a business decision to mitigate risks and protect their brand, not necessarily an expression of support for either side.


Does Mango support Israel?

The question of “Does Mango support Israel?” remains unclear. The company may operate stores in Israel but has not issued public statements on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict matter.

Does Mango Support Palestine?

The question of “Does Mango support Palestine?” remains unclear. Mango's official position on political issues may need to be clearly stated.