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Does Del Taco Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Del Taco Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Del Taco is an American fast-food restaurant chain, mainly known for its American-style Mexican menu, along with other American food, such as burgers, shakes, and fries. Founded in 1964 in California, the US, it has over 550 locations as of December 2020.

Now, why do you think we are talking about Del Taco? Because, along with many popular brands, it is also involved in a few rumors of supporting one of the countries in the current Israel and Palestine war.

Does Del Taco support Israel? Does Del Taco support Palestine? And more such questions are circulating, leaving many curious. But, it is time to drop your research because the article below contains the exact answer you are looking for, for the question – does Del Taco support Israel or Palestine?

Does Del Taco Support Israel or Palestine?

From all the major sources – we rarely saw Del Taco anywhere while searching about the conflict. 

Also, Del Taco has been completely silent since the conflict and has chosen to keep quiet or maybe is trying to hold a neutral stand.

In conclusion, we don’t think Del Taco is supporting any of the two countries in the conflict. 

Del Taco Official Statement on The Israel-Palestine Conflict

As of December 2024, Del Taco has chosen to stay silent about the conflict. It has been operating like usual, without any official statement published. 

Boycott Movement Against Del Taco

Fortunately, Del Taco is not mentioned in the boycotting list — mainly because it doesn’t have any location in Israel right now and also doesn’t plan to expand in that country anytime soon.

Del Taco & Israel

There is no relation between Del Taco and Israel. For now, Del Taco has zero locations in the country and also doesn’t have any future plans to expand in the country – at least not anytime soon. 

However, it has chosen to be silent about the conflict, which has sparked some rumors that it might be secretly supporting Israel. 

Yet, for all we know — Del Taco might be trying to save its name, and keeping itself out of the reach of controversies. 

Del Taco & Palestine

Similar to Israel, Del Taco has no relation with Palestine. Since it has chosen to stay out of the controversy and the conflict, some people doubt that it might be supporting Israel indirectly or secretly, but we don’t have any proof to support these claims. 

Final Words 

To summarize the article — we can’t say for sure if Del Taco is supporting any of the two countries, and it might be safe to say that it wants neutral peace.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Del Taco Pro Israel?

We don’t think Del Taco is pro-Israel because neither is it related to Israel in any way, nor it has criticized Palestine. 

Is Del Taco Pro Palestine?

Unfortunately, Del Taco has chosen to keep quiet about the conflict all this time, so there’s no proof to suggest that Del Taco is pro-Palestine.