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Does Chobani Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Chobani Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Chobani is a food company popular for its strained yogurt, and one of the most popular companies of its kind in the country. Founded in 2005 in New York, the US, it sells thick, greek yogurt, inclusive of high protein compared to traditional yogurt. 

Now, keeping that apart, did you know Chobani is presently involved in rumors related to the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine? Yes, it is, with many questions arising, like – does Chobani support Israel? Or, does Chobani support Palestine?

If you search for the answers on the Internet, you will be confused with multiple personal opinions and explanations, but if you could just have a little look below, then you’ll find the correct answer to the questions – does Chobani support Israel or Palestine?

Does Chobani Support Israel or Palestine?

Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer to this question, because Chobani has been silent about the Israel and Palestine war, and also about its involvement and rumors and speculations.

Chobani Official Statement on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Chobani has not delivered any kind of declaration or statement on the current Israel and Palestine war, as of December 2024.

Boycott Movement Against Chobani

There is no ongoing boycott movement against Chobani regarding its indirect and little presence in Israel, and it doesn’t seem to be a direct target by the official boycotting movement and individual groups globally.

Chobani & Israel

There is nothing to highlight about the relations between Chobani and Israel, because Chobani is not officially present in the Israeli market, and you can only find some of its products through third-party vendors and online stores.

As for its part in the conflict involving Israel, it has been silent about it, neither supporting Israel nor criticizing Palestine. 

Chobani & Palestine

There are no relations between Chobani and Palestine, with no official stores, franchise stores, or third-party indirect connections.

Talking about the war, Chobani has decided to keep silent, and hasn’t shown its support towards Palestine or criticized Israel for its actions and policies. 

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Final Words 

To summarize the article – as of December 2024, Chobani seems to be maintaining its balanced position in the war, or, you never know, it might be simply staying out of an extra load of controversies. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Chobani Pro Israel?

Since Chobani has been silent about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, not taking either of the sides — we are not sure if it is pro-Israel or not.

Is Chobani Pro Palestine?

There are extremely low chances that Chobani is pro-Palestine because while it doesn’t have any kind of presence in Palestine, it has also not directly supported Palestine in the war against Israel.