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Does Checkers Support Israel Or Palestine? [2024]

Does Checkers Support Israel Or Palestine? [2024]

Checkers operates mainly in the southern United States and is one of the fast food chains known for its budget-friendly snacks and beverages. Checkers carved its niche in burgers and was founded in Florida in 1986. The brand mainly focuses on quick drive-through services at affordable prices. 

Does Checkers Support Israel Or Palestine?

The answer to this question still needs to be clarified cut and fresh. Checkers, like many other private brands, avoid publicly aligning themselves with any specific political stance. 

Checkers and Israel 

Indirect Connections

Checkers has partnered with one of the tech companies in Israel named Hi Auto. Hi auto provides speech recognition technology to checkers for drive-thru orders. This partnership is indirectly benefiting Israel financially. 

Lack Of Evidence

Checkers have officially announced no public statement regarding Israel's support. Additionally, there is no record of them directly donating to the Israeli government. 

Alignment with BDS target list

Inclusion on BDS boycott lists implies checkers have some level of connection to entities considered problematic by the movement, even if the connections are indirect.

Lack of Public Opposition

While there has been no record of direct support, the checker’s silence on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be interpreted as neutrality. At the same time, one might view this as a support to Israel.

Checker's and Palestine

Indirect connections

International trade might be a source for checkers to build connections with companies in Palestine or other operating regions. This might translate to direct Palestine support by checkers, but there has been no stance. 

Boycott of Israeli Products

Checkers officially announced the boycott of Israeli-made goods in the stores, citing concerns about human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories. 

No Direct Evidence of Support

Checkers hasn't made any public statement or has not engaged in any actions that directly advocate for any evidence that Checkers is financially supporting Palestine. 


It's difficult to state whether Checkers supports Israel or Palestine conclusively. They primarily focus on business operations, but their boycott of Israeli products and partnership with a Palestinian solidarity organization suggest a lean towards supporting Palestinian human rights. However, it's crucial to recognize the complex historical context and diverse perspectives surrounding this issue.


Is Checkers pro-Israel?

Checkers hasn't made any official declaration in support of or against Israel, so it's difficult to answer the question, “Does Checkers Support Israel?”

Is Checkers pro-Palestine?

Checkers' primary focus is on their business and providing customer satisfaction, making it hard to answer the question, “Does Checkers Support Palestine?”